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Young driver of 17 years old of trucks creats steely kingdom is mythological

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Strengthen the infrastructure construction such as rural way, communication, irrigation works, increase the investment that waits for social commonweal career to rural medical treatment, education, provide for the aged, make the farmer has a better surroundings, make the country has a better development environment. Income is not added go up, the burden decreases no less than coming, the farmer accumulates capital impossibly to do poineering work. I myself am to be done first individual carry, reopen colliery, accumulated certain fund. Smooth individual is rich still be no good, tell even collective and rich. " -- Han Wenchen

Be familiar with the person of Han Wenchen of president of group of Tang Shan treasure mountain to know, when preach manages, he always likes with road, traffic, drive wait for a respect to make a figure of speech, this wants restrospect to his poineering road: As a child he of family circumstances poor, graduation of junior high school instigated with respect to side father domestic heavy burden, 17 years old begin to fall to the well become coal miner, learned to drive a truck later, did again later carry, rely on to carry just about make he dug the first pail of gold, walked out of poineering the first pace.

In last centuries 80 time metaphase, han Wenchen entered steely production field. 20 centuries 90 time, steely industry of China was immersed in all-time deadlock, the market is serious coast. Because produce craft form a complete set to be not perfected, manufacturing product cost is high, whole the steely course of study of village of half wall inn also hard escape by sheer luck.

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Right now, han Wenchen decides decisively, become a shareholder with individual capital steely enterprise, execute share to contract to the company manage. Draw lessons from Han steel experience through changing to make and learn, the steely business bring the dying back to life of very fast Han Wenchen, make up the deficits and get surpluses; In the meantime, going from place to place capital gives an enterprise infuse again new blood, han Wenchen completed multinomial technology project timelily transform a project, enhanced the market competition ability of the enterprise greatly, from now on in village of half wall inn the rudiment of a steely kingdom appeared.

Wei of president assistant introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad annals says to the reporter: "Shaanxi saves Hanjiang steel ironworks, once was a country ' 45 ' the priority discipline during, as a result of a variety of reasons, to Feburary 2000 this factory actually overall already stop production. In answer to the country western the appeal of big development, ministry of the group in classics helps deficient up to do pull wires, on July 18, 2003, han always decides to buy outright this Shaanxi to save company of the biggest state-operated iron and steel, come true and buy recombine. The infuse of a few yuan of capital, the building that 600 thousand tons steel-making connects foundry work Cheng put into production, ended Hanjiang steel ironworks to iron does not have the history of steel thoroughly. Ended Hanjiang steel ironworks to iron does not have the history of steel thoroughly..
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