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In disappear assist want hold up to leave 2005 " clause of 10 big Xiang Yu the C

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Reporter yesterday from which disappear assist know, "2005 year clause of format of 10 big imparity " selection activity will pull open heavy curtain today. In disappear assist choose roll at announcing clause of 20 imparity format to await yesterday, involve nearly 10 kinds of goods such as house of gift, medicines and chemical reagents, home appliance, seed, car, commodity. 20 are awaited anthology " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror "
1. Buy give one, gift, award does not grant " 3 packets " ; Dozen fold commodity caveat emptor.
2. Medicines and chemical reagents is special commodity, one sell on commission goes out, caveat emptor; Jeweller is tasted not exchange a purchase.
3. Consumer is retreated in conduction electric home appliances 4. Bazaar adventure playground sets: Children is in this amuse oneself, this bazaar refus is not in charge of reason of hair make trouble.
5. " the supermarket puts packet of notice " : The ark that send thing is service quality, the supermarket does not lose custodial have things stolen and liability to pay compensation.
6. The seed packs label: From buy planted day to rise 15 days inside try shoot please, if appear,bud rate can coordinate solution not quite definitely, expire regard eligible product as, do not bear any pecuniary loss.
7. The seed packs label: Because seminal itself has complex genetic factor, excuse me of the result after reason sows does not bear the responsibility of seminal price above.
8. " some mobile telephone enters net agreement " regulation: Party B (consumer) mobile telephone by other illegal and machine or the pecuniary loss that be embezzled and cause to Party B, party A does not bear any responsibility.
9. If the user does not make the business on in order to must be in × × year × month × went to communication company a few days ago or dial a phone to cancel relevant professional work, inspect user acquiesce to agree to use otherwise, if happen,owe cost, will touch in putting a telephone bill beforehand buckle.
10. Some bank cancels calorie of requisition regulation: (consumer) the sun that agrees to submit application oneself rises 45 days (contain 45 days) inside the risk loss that continues to assume the card that be cancelled to arise.
11. Bank announcement: The user must unite conduction bank card, do not allow to be expended with cash capture, the person that do not handle card does not receive water charge of electricity to era.
12. Buy car danger of the 3rd responsibility must buy car loss danger and glass additional risk, do not grant to deal with otherwise.
13. Some insurance company " individual accident injury insurance " regulation: Policy-holder is cast in application when protecting, the age of one full year of life that should press insurant fills in, if produce a mistake, fill cost plan ceases, retreat cost to not have breath.
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