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The history that steeped fall 2004 whether return

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Compare with 4 years: In growing material to reach at present thick board the price that market price case approachs 4 the beginning of the year is bit higher, and the price of hot-rolling board, cold rolling board still has certain difference 4 years relatively; Because at present the industry already was in the phase of overall supply exceeds demand, steelworks no longer blind dilate, and adjusting manufacturing situation conciously according to market performance, the price conducts a mechanism to tend smooth; Policy respect, adjust pressure to still exist, restricting rolled steel exit to expand further is steely industry policy advocate fundamental key; The main factor that 4 the beginning of the year prompt share price to rise is to anticipate, and epicycle rises is cost drive.

One, production: Crop is released add fast put delay

August 2007, the whole world produces crude steel 1.08 billion tons, grow 6.2% compared to the same period, day all crop 3.486 million tons, relatively on the month reduces 60 thousand tons; Crop of Chinese crude steel 416 million tons, grow 13.3% compared to the same period, day all crop 1.341 million tons, relatively on the month increases 10 thousand tons. 1-8 month, the proportion that crop of our country crude steel holds output of global crude steel rises to 36.9% , of increment of global crude steel 70% come from China, production of global iron and steel is continueing to Chinese move, because crop of our country crude steel is added fast show downtrend, the speed of move puts delay somewhat.

In August, our country produces rolled steel 48.27 million tons, grow 23.70% compared to the same period, 1-8 month, rolled steel crop 367 million tons, grow 24.1% compared to the same period, crop adds fast rolled steel of apparent prep above adds on average fast breed includes: Especially thick board grow 43.7% , large board increases 41.7% , medium plate grows 39.1% , hot-rolling thin plate grows 74% , metal strip of cold rolling Baokuan grows 43% , film board grows 57.6% , the resource pressure of these breed is greater.

Before 2007 8 months, steely industry finishs fixed assets to invest 14.99 million yuan, grow 12.9% compared to the same period, experienced 03, extensive investment construction of 4 years, at present steely trade investment adds fast beyond to invest under town fixed assets of 26.7% increase fast growth, growth of this kind of low speed ensured prospective home iron and steel produces what can release rate to put delay.

2, consumption: To the dependence of the international market degree is reduced somewhat

In August 2007, the rolled steel that gets attention fully exports an amount to decrease somewhat, our country exports rolled steel 5.38 million tons, than going up the month reduces 560 thousand tons, grow 39.38% compared to the same period, import rolled steel 1.46 million tons, decrease compared to the same period 10.43% , import 3.92 million tons completely. The proportion that rolled steel exit holds output is 11.15% , relatively on of the month 12.45% have drop apparently, the specification restrains the influence of policy to fall in exit, the rolled steel dependence to exit degree is being reduced.
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