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Shallow talk about medium and small businesses how to locate

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This paragraph of time, in a lot of articles that develop way about medium and small businesses read above forum, feeling is very deep, also pondered over period of time, still have a lot of doubt cannot be enlightened, bring jade in net upcast brick especially, hope each ace will locate!
I feel the development of medium and small businesses depends on him the fixed position to the enterprise, make hard from the direction that oneself locate next, but the problem is us these medium and small businesses are to deciding some kind of mechanism that is located in a certain domain after all (do only for instance agrarian overall reach its the spare parts after outspread development, make oil press only for instance the spare parts after extremely outspread development) , still be located in some kind of product surely (for instance gear even some kind of among them gear, for instance axis kind, cover for instance kind etc) suit medium and small businesses quite, especially small company.
I feel these two kinds of practices, no matter be that,one kind should be given priority to with this locality, but besides a few very the industrial area that develop or industry centers an area, sheet is done specific a few treatment amounts that I consider to assure a factory very hard, because make the part of form a complete set of big company,after all majority small plant cannot do it. And what knowing a lot of small plants according to me now is diversiform sweep the deck, no matter be an axis kind, cover kind, gear silk lever or casing kind find go, as to kinds of big group inside, if there still are all sorts of gears and rack inside gear, axis kind inside the sort that still a lot of differ, it is to connect more kill. For a short while, do so that a lot of people bow unexpectedly for all kinds of tool clamping apparatus, small shop is the five internal organs is provided complete, each is met some but each is not perfectness also. Think occasionally, amount of a lot of things is very small, but want to be able to get a this cost to invest treatment only, still also have such work later without giving thought to, arrived so ultimate cutting tool of what is much many, but become a vase, it is a little undeserved really, but, be not done, cannot feed a worker again. Do, it is to take pain to not to please. Ah, really intractable.
Ask everybody discussion, fixed position fixed position of this that one direction from inside two kinds of direction is betterer! Please great give advice or comments!

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