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Sell iron ore mother and daughter two earn 6.3 billion madly

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Squeeze into Hu Run with 6.3 billion yuan body home 100 rich a list of names posted up " before 10 " , the Hong Kong fine Xin that by mother and daughter two palms accuse accuses a group (next weighing " Jia Xin accuses " ) the eyeball that attracting everybody quickly in order to rise not only, its " iron ore commerce " advocate course of study is to make its are in more " 100 rich a list of names posted up " on appear very special and conspicuous, 2004 their rank is 27.

Mention Hong Kong Jia Xin to accuse a group, known National People's Congress turns around more first so appearance: By mother and daughter the big company of two in control of. Because there are the iron and steel of feminine sortie and mineral products industry in delicacy, the president that the name of Lv Hui and old Ning Ning's mother and daughter is the same as treasure steel group can appear more special like Xie Qihua.
The company that establish was registered in Hong Kong this 1995, also really 24 years old of old Ning Ning that learn to return from the United States and mother are made single-handed, register capital to be as high as 22.5 million dollar. Through development of a few years, jia Xin accuses had owned tens of homes wholy-owned or control share company, business expands gradually iron ore resource, commerce, content shedding, industrial and financial service many board piece, and the foreign trade of iron ore, it is Jia Xin accuses all the time however advocate in course of study advocate course of study.

Inside, no matter be association of iron and steel industry or steelworks of a few size, mention Jia Xin to accuse the name won't feel unfamiliar, because Jia Xin accuses a collaboration that maintain with enterprise of a lot of steelworks or once had had business of imports and exports to go up to concern, year export ore quantity to occupy Chinese inland to import ore gross very one of.

In iron ore trafficker " good and evil people mixed up " , the Chinese inland market that old steel mill basically relies on the long-term contract that produces business from ore to be imported directly again, can take very one of market share, had been a very not easy thing.

"Because custom does not have the iron ore amount that statistic imports from Hong Kong, we speak Jia Xin very hard to charge a specific figure that exports inland, but the large family that this company is exit iron ore absolutely, pass a few days, we still will follow this company technically to undertake contact and communicating. " an in-house personage of association of iron and steel industry tells a reporter so.

When making public a circumstance to mention present achievement at ordinary times, chen Ning does not wish to be carried more rather " develop secret book " , can be attributed to these luck many a little bit only, have eye quite namely at most. And the eye that she did not come to, also had turned to pair of mine even the investment of steelworks.
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