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01, 6 06 years case choosing arranges 10 big classical sale of Chinese

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One. " hero " : The booking office with the most successful market of film of China of brilliant record throughout history of a bad movie, having bad action piece everything feature -- the story clue of mental retardation, lack fidelity movement design, mincing actor's lines, but this bad movie, appeared on the market 20 days to achieve more than 200 million yuan booking office, and of whole world of this year fashionable " haing Li Bert " , the booking office that achieves in China is 63 million yuan only.
Let " hero " successful, as a result of,not be of the film wonderful, innovate as a result of what sale plan, market popularizes however. " hero " comprised the star play staff that have a strong lineup, it is early at the beginning of 2001, new picture company begins the star effect of group of have the aid of, make news continuously. Below the support of media, these " news advertisement " high strenth had time two years continuously, let a large number of Chinese can't restrain eventually, walk into a cinema to watch the movie with the most successful sale of this China throughout history -- the worst still perhaps start piece one of. Between these philtrum, include the writer that does not see a movie almost.
" hero " the news public relations that the sale that photograph of silk of the patience that gasps in admiration in order to make a person, silk buckles is engineered and is as long as 2 years, line this year first of case of innovation of 10 big sale. " hero " be sure to keep Chinese motion picture with the innovation of sale history, but movie audience of future forgets it to get completely surely.
" hero " selected, it is to commend send the revolutionary contribution of company of peddling new picture to film sale.
Comment on: " hero " what score all-time success, will advance sex of organization of film sale strategy and sale to unprecedented level. " hero " later Chinese film will more and more apt is made greatly, apt leaves artistic film, apt draws close to Hollywood.
2. "Li Bo " beer: Like the reason of Shanghai
Force wave beer ever was one of Shanghai's most welcome native land beer. 1996 3 after getting benefit to land Shanghai, li Bo because sale shift backward, taste not beautiful, in the position in the 3 attack that get benefit time and again fall, return Ceng Yin to atttack quality of the 3 fountainhead that get benefit, by 3 get benefit to tell a court, lost lawsuit namely, more lost the market.
Began 2001, force wave beer began course of his make a stand against, the advertisement song that Li Bo writes " the reason that likes Shanghai " Shanghai of very fast fashionable, in advertisement song drive below, li Bo's sales volume picks up quickly.
Company of brew of Asian Pacific Ocean took over Li Bo in June 2002, push shell of product of beer of bright of favorable balance of trade, change successfully; Li Bo still uses the opportunity of Han day world cup, with numerous restaurant alliance, promotion sees the football, sale activity that drinks Li Bo. After the world cup, li Bo continues and cafeteria terminal is allied, roll out " delicious 100 thousand kinds, good drink one is plant " advertisement offensive, guide consumer to change consumptive behaviour.
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