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Half an year earns the super upstart of bound of 50 million futures

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Enter 800 thousand yuan, half an year fries nearly 20 million yuan actually! Jiangsu revive limited company of content futures broker discloses, as a result of prices of futures of very long recently period of time continuously hot, a client of this company created Nanjing the myth on futures history.

Throw 800 thousand half an year to earn nearly 20 million
This Nanjing futures ace will begin to enter option market on August 15 last year, half an year comes he is " sheet angles " breed of a futures -- , copper.

The index of the copper when entering town at that time is 18900 bits. Cause of half an year devalues for a long time at the dollar, add global electrified wire netting to transform etc a series of the element is exciting, futures bronzing harden board have more than 10 times. And this client goes up greatly in every time almost is come back with fruitful results in prices, such capital roll bigger more like snowball. 800 thousand yuan when throw at the outset, achieved nearly 20 million breathtaking yuan now.

Jiangsu revive Fan Qian of vise general manager of service center of client of limited company of content futures broker says, the accrual of futures investment freeboard of this client makes them stare tongue-tied. Nevertheless, model disclose at the same time, be in like such super upstart countrywide futures bound is there are plenty of such people however. According to saying, last year Zhejiang a client enters town with 90 thousand yuan, did not fry 50 million yuan actually to a year of time, this kind of case also is very infrequent in the world namely.

Fry futures novice to surpass veteran

According to Nanjing firm of much home futures discloses, in futures ox city of nearly two years, nanjing period civilian in appeared to blame a phenomenon: "Novice " than " veteran " the money that earn is more. According to introducing, because the novice does not understand the industry very, often be to see what breed go up what to follow, and veteran likes to do empty, result prices rather, the many futures breed such as copper, soja always goes up ceaseless, this makes most novice big earn earn especially.

To this, many investor are very interrogative, how should be futures fried after all? To this, many Nanjing futures the expert thinks, futures is compared with stock market photograph have a the largest dominant position, it is information compares semmetry. Because futures and whole big environment are relevant, if the dollar rises,demote, home and stand or fall of international economy progress, this meets what control futures apparently to go situation. And there are on 1000 shares in the stock market, investor to appearing on the market the state of the company holds very hard. Accordingly, futures investor should pay close attention to phasic development closely only, and contact the futures breed to him investment, master likely profit target, low suck cast high, can gain profit from which so.

Prospective prices still is valued
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