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Olympic Games place uses new steel steel products in great quantities

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Olympic Games place uses new steel in great quantities rolled steel
Origin:     updates website of Chinese rolled steel time: 2007-12-28 character 〖 is big in small 〗 On December 24, the reporter understands from Nanchang railroad bureau, in iron of know new Yu Gang finite liability company participates in place of Beijing Olympic Games to build information hind, this bureau height takes seriously, leave row " straight be open to traffic of road look forward to " , gave main support. Current, this bureau already was construction of place of Beijing Olympic Games to ship of all kinds rolled steel many tons 20 thousand.

Leave from place of Beijing Olympic Games since building, new steel company is national gymnasium (bird's nest) , Olympic Games natatorium (water is cubic) , CCTV building Olympic Games acts sowed the hall to offer many steel products. Among them, supply iron and steel for bird's nest more than tons 12 thousand, the cubic metre that it is water supplies iron and steel more than tons 1000. For managing the time that I save an enterprise to carry raw material for place of Beijing Olympic Games, nanchang railroad bureau drives train into place of new steel company directly administer inside foreign lane station, what be not worth according to ability of unload of industrial siding of new steel company is actual, organize station of country of 3 row, duckweed to organize 2 to arrive from Xiang Tang west station everyday new the empty wagons of more than, quick to arriving at car to execute solution sends quickly.

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