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Iron ore price what course to follow?

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Iron ore price what course to follow? Time: 2007-09-09 10:39:39 characters choose: Big in small as 2008 money year the drawing near that price of global iron ore negotiates, iron ore price went 2008 situation the attention that caused a lot of research organization.

Iron ore price depends on producer of 3 big iron ore (BHP compares Lytton, Liaotingtuo and company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water, these 3 companies take the whole world in all the 3/4 of commerce of maritime iron ore) with the world country of 3 big spending, the negotiation wrestle of China, Japan and Korea. 2006, both sides of supply and demand gave a delegate to consume the CVRD of national China and delegate generator the negotiation, its are as a result than going up year of the corresponding period rise 9.5% , inflation of summary prep above is led, did not reach the level that generator place expects.

To price of prospective iron ore, it may be said of both sides of iron ore supply and demand sticks to his argument. Generator one party says, the price 2008 needs to have taller go up. Mine wants to press productivity of plan extend mine, need the support of capital, if mine does not undertake extend, be afraid the way that has to lean quota will allocate iron ore. The producer thinks, want Chinese demand to keep driving only, at present demand growth rate will maintain after 2010. Just think in, produce the addition of the quantity and measure of macroscopical adjusting control as Chinese iron ore, china will drop to the amplitude of iron ore demand. China strives iron ore price can be maintained 2008 2007 level.

International media and research organization released prices of pair of prospective iron ore in succession forecast. Company of boreal land resources (NorthlandResourcesInc. ) write recently civil, undertook inducing to each viewpoint, be based on this and integrated other document, each research organization visitting in light of us is how look upon was reached 2008 a few years the price of iron ore will go henceforth of situation.

The United States invests bank florescence bank to think, iron ore price predicts to be in did not come two years (2008 and 2009) grow 20% at least, estimate 2008 inside a year go up achieve possibly 20% . Florescence bank reminds say: "Two years market level predicts future general hasten is close, price increase rate is pointed to 20% , be in however short-term still a lot of elements support the price further... accordingly we already thought, those generator can make an appointment with those who decide the value to rise beforehand, and anticipate now 2008 come to rose in price 2009 20% , one year the price holds in the future changeless. One year the price holds in the future changeless..

Switzerland combines bank analyst RogerDowney to hold same point of view, because demand increases,think, price of next year iron ore and its growth will exceed global supply, should rise at least 25% . Swiss combination bank points out clearly 2007 the nervous prices of market of metaphase iron ore, partial reason is output of Chinese home iron ore falls and steel output rises. The bank thinks, arrived on April 1, 2008 on March 31, 2009 this one whole carry year, iron ore price can rise 25% , and its are forecasted before this will rise for iron ore price 10% .
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