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Participate in combination look forward to of share of steel of the Tang Dynasty

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Because plan great recombine item without precedent asset and stop a card, tang Gang share is far from the stock market temporarily acuteness and queasy, but the wailing wind and weeping rain-wretched circumstances that still needs market of straight face commodity.

Because steel price glides,wait for the influence of the element, head the home such as steely group of steely group of steel, An Gang, Heibei, Shandong administrator of high level of 4 big steely companies, control was reached to produce in Han Dan recently can consensus, extent of integral reduction of output is controlled in 20 % .

On October 7, the personage that approachs high level of Tang Gang share confirmed this one information to the reporter, point out purpose of reduction of output depends on stabilizing steely value. He expresses, involve numerous appear on the market the associated reduction of output of the company still is a head in recent years, of situation of trade of it serves to show austere.

Associated reduction of output

The letter is built in drop steely industry analyst king 喆 expresses to the reporter, raw material price just will fall in September, steel price begins to drop from July however, because this photograph shuts city company profit,drop more quickly. Associated reduction of output hopes to form protective action to steel price, what reduce profit thereby is cut.

To Tang Gang share, profit is cut already was the fact that does not dispute. On the shareholder plenary meeting that will hold on August 26, should be asked about when the management state August, general manager is at the expression of brave " be in the state with gain not high level " , not hopeful also to the view of the industry.

The steely trade weekly publication that Oriental negotiable securities releases shows, on October 1 - 5 days, value of market of domestic steel products shows what drop quickly to go situation, price of general carbon steel products falls all exceed 3% , cold rolling board coils drop amount to 6.1% . Current rolled steel price already fall after a rise comes this year the price level Feburary.

The grim situation of steely industry makes Tang Gang's production is managed be pounded, some high level represents Tang Gang share, price fall while, demand also is in drop, this expression drops considerably for sale. For this, tang Gang ever was concerned at be being held technically July dig go of sales promotion arouse congress.

What Tang Gang basically faces is market of Beijing ferry, China north, the impact that is restricted go into operation by the Olympic Games is bigger, the sale very little August, the feeling resembles " there is demand between one night " , afore-mentioned high levels express.

Enrol Zhang Shibao of analyst of trade negotiable securities to think, of downstream demand decrease, drop of estate go into operation unexpectedly especially, bring about price of senior capable person will drop after the middle ten days of a month in August 20% the left and right sides, according to calculating, ton steel deficit already exceeded 250 yuan, in the meantime, perch of raw material price moves, this forces relevant company to make October reduction of output the 20% arrangement that reach former fuel of requirement upper reaches to depreciate.
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