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Reduction of output of domestic steel look forward to asks bay mine delay is off

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As domestic iron and steel the price drops continuously, the demand of iron ore is decreasing.

Yesterday, australia Gibson of company of the 4th big iron ore (share price of Mount Gibson Iron) issues defeat considerably. The information that this company releases before this says, because keep long in stock of Chinese haven stock and steel-making demand decrease, cause delay in delivery of Chinese client demand.

"The price of mine of domestic merchandise on hand has 800 yuan only now / ton, the price is very low and supply enough, do not have at all now necessary the ore that buys fresh water river valley. " in the letter builds drop analyst of industry of negotiable securities iron and steel old 喆 expresses to morning paper reporter: "Steely now industry is so stagnant, fresh water river valley asks the abacus that raises price is dozen of fault. Fresh water river valley asks the abacus that raises price is dozen of fault..

With 8, the situation that Chinese steel look forward to will face supplier of Brazilian iron ore September is different, at present ironworks of most China steel had amended the plan October, cancelled the plan sending a ship of past Brazil respect.

Demand of reduction of output of steel look forward to decreases

As a result of slow down in demand, the raw material price such as fuel drives steel price to drop further again, domestic steel look forward to faces deficit pressure generally, "Support value of reduction of output " had become a lot of steelworks be forced to choose. Accordingly, also drop subsequently to the demand of iron ore.

Be in 8, September, have numerous medium or small steely enterprise is forced stop production. Another name for Hubei province of Zhao Xiang of analyst of industry of iron and steel of smooth old negotiable securities expresses to morning paper reporter, a lot of people that do steely foreign trade express to say recently, the business is done very hard, already a few steely agency did not trade. Although Bao Gang did not announce reduction of output to plan, but the step that had taken factual reduction in production.

Agitation of this reduction of output had blown old steel mill now, adopt " be restricted to produce support value " and " in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production " politic. It is to be at the beginning of September first, nanjing iron and steel alleges reduction of output 10% , later period increases likely still to 30% . On September 29, heibei iron and steel, head steel of steel, Shandong iron and steel, saddle is right situation of current and steely market the move that made integral reduction in production. Zou Jian of chairman of association of industry of Chinese metallurgy mine will express on October 8, "Steel price already fell a lot of, so steely production business decides reduction of output, till steel price is stable till. Till steel price is stable till..

Yesterday, department of Commerce expresses about chief, because industry produces the demand that use steel to decrease, rolled steel and later period of iron ore price still have one to drop surely space.
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