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Ansailemidaer plans to shut Poland two blast furnace

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Because steely demand is abate, ansailemidaer decides to shut its to be in polish 2 in 4 operation blast furnace, last to 2009 2 quarters. Among them a blast furnace is in Krakow factory, produce per year can 1 million tons, main in order to produces board semifinished product. According to saying, krakow factory has two blast furnace, produce can add up to 2.3 million tons. Blast furnace of another stop production is in Dabrowa factory, produce per year can 2.3 million tons, producer of main in order to base, this factory also has two blast furnace, produce can add up to 5 million tons. The blast furnace of these two stop production will undertake the overhaul, different is, krakow mill blast furnace is the routine overhaul in original plan, and because current market is stagnant,Dabrowa mill blast furnace is but shut.

The spokesman that occupies this company says, after these two blast furnace are shut, ansailemidaer is at most in polish reduction of output 15% .

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