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"The attitude that we reject incorporating is very specific, but amalgamative itself is not terrible also. " in the light of need and need the amalgamative plan of develop and force develop obtains Australian antitrust to superintend orgnaization approval last week, association of Chinese iron and steel industry (next weighing " in steel assist " ) when secretary-general Chan Shanghua accepts reporter phone to interview, express.

Need and need develop and force develop all are the iron ore supplier with the mainest whole world, if two companies are successful implementation is amalgamative, new company will hold market of global iron ore the portion of nearly 38% , exceed river valley of Brazilian fresh water to become the iron ore supplier with the biggest whole world. Because buy probable meeting to cause this company to be opposite the forestall of market of global iron ore, bought a plan to object of numerous and steely enterprise to the utmost by the whole world.

In the entrance iron ore of Chinese enterprise, having 40% about is to come from Yu Bihe to need develop and force develop two companies. In steel assist standing vice-chairman Luo Bing is born when accepting a reporter to interview to express, if two companies are amalgamative, the 40% portion that mastering China to import iron ore directly, situation of such height forestall can make monopolist operates vertical market more easily, adverse to consumer. In steel assist object " two develop " amalgamative, appeal antitrust superintends an orgnaization to should incorporate case give overrule.

But at the beginning of this year July, american judiciary was approved " two develop " buy case. And on October 1, australian antitrust branch made similar ruling. Australian competition and consumer committee release statement to say: Stop ash of  aning enclosure for storing grain bumps into ⒉ to change Wei Wenxie of fleabane a surname > merchant captive returns? of ⑸ of Mu of  of  arrogant conspicuous the effect that it will not produce any materiality to global mining industry. " from this, this those who be as high as 101 billion dollar buy a plan to step materiality pace again.

"The attitude that we reject need and needing develop and force develop incorporate is very clear, won't change. If incorporate,finish, main yield ore company becomes 2 by 3, iron ore price counterpoises will more incline to at forestall, the negotiation of iron ore price of Chinese steely enterprise will lie more adverse position. " Chan Shanghua expresses.

"But, incorporating also is not so terrible. " Chan Shanghua thinks, "Two develop " the chip that increased them to go up in negotiation of iron ore price is after incorporating, but iron ore price also can not appear from this soare. Depend on not completely because of iron ore price forestall, essence is to depend on supply demand relations. If slow down in demand, iron ore price drops necessarily.

Chan Shanghua expresses, domestic iron ore is at present homebred change had occupied 50% much, this one scale still is rising ceaselessly, border iron ore supplies other foreign country to also do not have Australia only a place. Because the steely enterprise of this home need not is opposite " two develop " amalgamative too scared. Chan Shanghua predicts, price of present international iron ore had arrived an acme, will return to reason stage by stage next.
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