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Large steel look forward to: Reduction of output, or " put a satellite " ?

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Original plan is in Heibei at a steel of formal on October 18 this year put into production and Tang Gang pasture of Cao the wife of a prince is joint-stock the ten million of construction ton class high-quality goods is steely base head period project of 4.85 million tons of steel-making, put into production of remit to next month. As corresponding as this is, before this before long, include a steel and Heibei steely group inside large steelworks reachs northward number home " unified " -- collective reduction of output, highest decrease be as high as 40% even.
Does steely enterprise of China begin pass the winter? "Because steel city prices is low now,put into production is deferred is not fan, deferred equipment to offer money time because of a few foreign traders however, had arrived now ending phase. " on October 13, head steel president Zhu Jimin is being accepted " times of an ancient name for China " when the reporter is interviewed, still confidence is dye-in-the-wood. And senior personage tells many industry our newspaper reporter, although at present old steel mill gives off the message of reduction of output, but actually a lot of not real reduction of output.
"Old steel mill has not arrived to reduce an extent surely "
Since since iron ore negotiated 2008, the message that steely stop production is restricted to produce never has been broken. It is small steel mill is forced at the beginning stop production, the steelworks dimensions of stop production greatens gradually later, again later even the information that a few large and steely groups also release reduction of output. Arrived September, appeared to be restricted to produce alliance even.
On September 29, heibei iron and steel, head the large and steely enterprise such as steel, aid steel, Lai steel, An Gang represents Dan of copolymerization Heibei Han, delibrate helps city program, reach reduction in production of 20% " consensus " .
Crossed a week left and right sides merely, on October 9, a few steelworks such as Heibei steely group announce again, in already was restricted to produce the foundation of 20% to go up to be restricted to produce 10%~20% again.
For a short while, if steely industry faces archenemy, a state of extreme nervousness. Appear to drop in the round in value of market of domestic steel products below situation, association of Chinese iron and steel industry also releases a report to say, the old steel mill such as Bao Gang, Sha Gang also begins to consider to be restricted to produce.
And in fact, the situation that understands with all possible means according to our newspaper reporter is, company of large section iron does not have real reduction of output, among them a lot of just " put a satellite " .
Zhu Jimin to " times of an ancient name for China " the reporter discloses: "Han Dan conference, we sent a delegate to go really, but the delegate scale that we send is not large. Now although reduction in production had reached on the situation when, but we still can be maintained so that live, had not arrived blame decrease cannot degree. Had not arrived blame decrease cannot degree..
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