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Day Han will establish business alliance collective contest buys Brazilian iron

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Report will occupy xinhua net Tokyo on October 17 Japanese media latest news, issue of faithful trade of Yi Teng of the 5 big steely tycoons of Japanese that with Japan iron of new day of the biggest steely company heads, large firm, Korea is the biggest steely company riverside the group will establish business alliance jointly, together the share of iron ore subsidiary that contest buys Brazilian invite public bidding to sell. According to the report, buy amount to may be as high as 300 billion to come 400 billion yen (1 dollar closes 101 yen about) , will become resource with Japanese steely the most wholesale business to invest an activity.
Besides new day iron, the Japanese steely tycoon that participates in contest to buy still includes JFE iron and steel, live friendly metal industry, Kobe makes steel place and day make steel newly. Faithful trade issue will assume Yi Teng to always buy the specified amount about 4 into, others will purchase a quantity to partake by iron ore by each big steely company.
According to the report, hope of company of Brazilian nation iron and steel sells a of s of i of m of a of N of company of cobble of its iron ore through invite public bidding the share of 40 % . This subsidiary iron ore produces per year a quantity to make an appointment with 20 million tons, be equivalent to day of the current year importing the 15 % of the quantity.
Be produced as iron and steel and consume big country, japanese iron ore counts an import entirely, enterprise of its iron and steel and trading company all the time obtain abroad iron ore to extract authority serves as ensure resource stability is supplied, drop the cost, important step that enhances competition ability. Current, products of famous firm Mitsui holds an about 5 % in company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water, 3 water chestnut business of thing criterion and Australia need and need develop manages hill of raw material colliery jointly, new day iron and JFE iron and steel also have investment in the mine of Australia and Brazil.

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