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Industry of a week iron and steel is seen without exception (12.17-12.21)

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Industry of a week iron and steel is seen without exception (12.17-12.21)
Origin:     updates website of Chinese rolled steel time: 〖 of 2007-12-24 character is big in small 〗 Heat focusing: Finance policy " aid a fist " inflation of encircle and suppress: Around move " prevent the price to rise by structural sex evolve for apparent inflation " war of nick of macroscopical adjusting control escalates stage by stage. In monetary policy successively nick while, finance policy 17 days also again " move " , cancelled the exit drawback of unprocessed food grains and its milling, through taxation lever guiding commissariat furnishs to home, with period stablize its to rise in price. Half an year comes, monetary policy is right of inflation " nick battle " intense with each passing day, and bring about all sorts of dominance that rise in price and invisible the element still is fermenting, macroscopical adjusting control another grasper -- finance policy must take positive attitude in this nick battle. Price of structural adjustment of main attack of next year finance is stable: The key job of policy of next year finance is knocked calm. The countrywide finance that Xie Xu of minister of Ministry of finance's person kicks off in 19 days expresses on working conference, henceforth a period, the Ministry of finance will be strengthened ceaselessly and improve finance macroscopical adjusting control, apply taxation, budget, national debt, pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange, move integratedly to pay, the government is purchased wait for a variety of tools, pay attention to wait with policy of monetary policy, industry harmonious cooperate, exert oneself pushs economic structural adjustment and development manner change. Duty of resource of value added tax label tax of next year wealth to reform a key: Minister of Chinese Ministry of finance thanks brilliance of the rising sun person 19 days to say, transition of value added tax reforms reform of tax of pilot, resource to wait for the key field that will make next year China deepen wealth tax to reform. The respect is reformed in transition of value added tax, xie Xu's person says, 2007, transition of value added tax reformed pilot limits to expand mid 8 industries of city of base of 26 old industry, 2008, the Ministry of finance will continue city of base of 26 old industry carries out base of northeastern old industry and mid area pilot, study formulate advances transition of value added tax to reform pilot program in the whole nation. In reform resource tax system spends a respect, at present the reform program such as resource duty is pressing program newspaper to approve. China reforms resource tax system, will execute from valence plan the method that ask for and protects resource. The Central Bank adds the 6th times this year cease one year period the attune on saving interest rate 0.27% : Carry out from tight monetary policy, chinese people bank decides: Adjust financial orgnaization RMB to put loan since December 21, 2007 standard interest rate, a year period deposit is fiducial interest rate by active 3.87% rise 4.14% , 0.27 percent are moved on; A year period loan is standard interest rate by active 7.29% rise 7.47% , 0.18 percent are moved on; Other each class is put, loan is standard interest rate is adjusted accordingly. Interest rate of loan of individual housing accumulation fund keeps changeless. Adjust this be helpful for preventing economy to grow by slant to turn quickly for overheat, preventive price rises by structural sex evolve for apparent inflation. Reserve of the deposit end next year leads or exceed 16% : Department of research of traffic bank development is right yesterday monetary policy and finance policy gave out 2008 forecast, think the macroscopical adjusting control 2008 will be to continueing to use amount policy tool and had done gross adjustment while, the application that pays attention to the price tool adjusts with the structure, the collocation that adopts monetary policy and finance policy at the same time is used, increase finance move to pay strength to support economic structural adjustment. Hand in say all right, central Bank general continues of business of aggrandizement open market apply, through timely, right amount issue Central Bank bill and national debt to counter-purchase wait for means, adjust the fluidity of bank system. But ratio of legal deposit reserve has reached the commercial bank the history is exalted, small bank appeared in the part the situation with relatively tight fluidity, reserve is used often of rate tool will be restricted. Hand in nevertheless predict all right, reserve of legal 2008 deposit is led will still increase 2-3 possibly second, raise the level of 16% above to the end of 2008. The difference deposits money to reserve is led or will be used again. Constrictive " cannot little " the Central Bank again special type of hold a memorial ceremony for deposits money: The particular kind that had not employed 20 years deposits money, be in however was used one after another in the fourth quarter 2007. Learn from the market, central Bank general this month 27 days again open special type deposits money, deadline mixes 1 year for 3 lunar period period, annual interest rate is respectively 3.37% with 3.99% . Open object basically is open market one class trades the part beyond business the financial orgnaization such as farming letter company and city commercial firm, take the kind that declares the forehead to spend of one's own accord. But face the special tool that this one meaning is controlling credit, most investment orgnaization expresses to will be faced with deposit reserve turn over to the higher authorities at the appointed time, capital pressure is not little, because this declares intention weaker. This year on October 23, be in charge of issueing an announcement to local city commercial firm and farming letter company by branch of each district Central Bank, the Central Bank ever restarted the special type that had not used 20 years deposits money in order to absorb the fluidity of bank system. That is to say, in the fourth quarter this year, it is unprecedented that the tall frequency that special type deposits money is used. Energy-saving decrease a platoon: We must have waded this river: "Ensure energy-saving decrease a platoon to obtain significant progress " , "Give priority to body for dominant, enterprise with the government " , "Pay attention to use statute measure to promote more energy-saving decrease a platoon " , "Serve as in finished state of the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon examine the important level of economic progress effect " ... since this year, the government is in the expression on the energy-saving problem that decrease a platoon is clearer and clearer, also let us more and more the austere sex that finds the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon and pressing sex. In 8 when conference of centrally economy job puts forward main tasks, the 4th is emphasized energy-saving decrease a platoon. Short 300 more than word, repeat several times " assault fortified positions " , " increase strength " , " as soon as possible " , " aggrandizement " , " mandatory " expression of this kind of agog, strong. And specific requirement, fulfil measure to be in of hundreds of words in stating, appear somewhat, the Chongzhongzhi that it serves to show works this to already made current work is heavy.
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