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Lucky letter: Dust does of naevus of of discharge changing dim glow of the set

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Lucky letter: Dust  of naevus of  of discharge changing dim glow of the setting sun gets Ь of Bao of Zhang of κ of  of goody admonish  ancienting name for a water catltrop

2007-12-28 9:15:11 luck letter published research report to say recently, raw material rises in price, flat steel the predicament that element of the demote below product requirement faced the person that cause Chinese steely trade profit margin to contract considerably 2008.
The report points out, assume steely sale price is maintained in current spot price level changeless, contract of international iron ore is supplied rise in price 35% , marine cost rate breaks up time, so course of study of Chinese main iron and steel person although profit margin can suspend dropping in four quarters, but reckon 2008 annual can be in downtrend in.
This anticipation, to next year second half of the year, the forehead will compare the profit of every tons of rolled steel of most China steely enterprise to reduce 20-40 dollar at present, but the practitioner profit that basically produces long steel product drops scope will be a few less. This makes equestrian steel share makes exception:  of establish of じ of  of  of  of Tao of Shi of take along sth to sb punishs  Zhuo Kang to point to dollar of?0 of celestial being of  of cook a meal of Fu of Huo of Zhi Mu  . The report points out, the flat steel that basically is used at car, machinery and electric home appliances

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