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Steely industry of 〗 of 〖 industry observation leaves low times

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Steely industry of 〗 of 〖 industry observation leaves low times
Release time: 2007-11-20 just continues to hold a title industry of new money iron and steel is optimal analyst the first, the Zhouxizeng that negotiable securities believes in coming from held a few days ago " new money is optimal analyst year forum " go up, to steely industry development undertook be analysed deep and be expectationed. He thinks, iron and steel has left low times, domestic company is capable to transfer cost pressure.

Rolled steel price is maintained all the time go up situation, zhouxizeng thinks this is main is to accept cost and demand two respects element is driven. Cost respect, be iron ore price rise. Price of iron ore of his predicting next year will rise 15%-20% . 2 be coke price rise. At the same time at present to rolled steel demand still exuberant, downstream industry if the rapid development of real-estate industry comes into being stimulation to the demand of rolled steel. And have iron ore resource appear on the market the company rises in cost the lieutenant general can have an advantage quite.

Zhouxizeng thinks at the same time, domestic steel look forward to is capable to transfer cost pressure. 3 quarters are steely adjusting is investor what rise to cost of steel look forward to is too afraid.

Zhou Xi is added value those who stronger cost shifts capacity to appear on the market quite company, include to the price counterpoises and the product is in area forestall low company. To Bao Gang, he states near future share price is adjusted is to be affected by stainless steel business, but at present stainless steel price has begun to rebound, and company whole advantage is clear, still be worth to value.

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