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2007: Prices persists bullish backside

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2007: Prices persists bullish rear
Origin:     updates website of Chinese rolled steel time: 〖 of 2007-11-20 character is big in small 〗 International market oil price reduction in production of rising, grain, domestic share produces data and consumable price to rise, standard of equivalence of oil of pork, edible and derv, liquid gas lasts on raise. 2007 the price " barometer " free and easy rises and fall, never resemble affecting common people nerve so today, ability of test government adjusting control.
What people cares is, how is rational look upon current does prices rise situation? What measure will the government adopt to stabilize the market to supply again? Prices appears structural sex to rise
About the director the branch points out, analyse the price since this year to move, appear " two go up one firm " structural sex characteristic:
It is to feed category price to rise considerably. Before 3 quarters, food price rises compared to the same period 10.6 % .
2 it is to live kind of price rise continuously. Before 3 quarters, live kind rise in price 4.1 % . October, live kind of price rise compared to the same period 4.8 % .
3 it is industrial consumable price overall and smooth. Before 3 quarters, things of recreational education culture and service kind, traffic and communication kind, dress kind the price falls respectively 1.1 % , 0.7 % and 0.3 % , domestic equipment things and maintenance service kind, smoke wine and use category to rise respectively with category, Medical Protection and individual 2 % , 1.7 % and 1.8 % .
A variety of elements are aided push prices to rise
Authoritative personage points out, domestic consumable is supplied always can be satisfy, but problem of existence structure sex. Industrial product price keeps basically stable, outstanding is food rises in price. Drive prices to rise have domestic and international a variety of elements:
-- global grain reduction in production and oil price violent wind rise, caused produce price directly rise substantially. Global grain products was measured last year 19. 8.5 billion tons, reduction of output 33 million tons. As oil price rise continuously, a few countries use corn to machine fuel alcohol to increase. The change of supply demand relations, make price of international market grain rises considerably since this year, affect home market price thereby.
-- cost raises drove prices to rise. Come nearly 5 years price of urea, derv, farming film rises respectively 26. 6 % , 64. 4 % and 60 % , grain production cost rises every mus 23. 9 % , cultivate course of study and aquaculture to compare benefit to drop.
-- unbalance of live pig supply and demand also aggravate price is fluctuant. Suffer pig price is too low last year the double blow with epidemic disease, live pig gives column to drop substantially, pork is supplied slant close. Current, although pork price goes up bigger, but than rising only 1997 30 % are controlled.
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