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Rolled steel exported a quantity to will be reduced further 2008

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Rolled steel exported a quantity to will be reduced further 2008

Time: 2007-12-24 10:51:24 characters choose: Big in small from crop of crude steel of only 2007 month add fast present degressive trend to look, fall into disuse backward produce can the effect is being shown gradually. Change according to national hair appoint statistical data, up to in September, the first batch 10 save city plan to close 9.69 million tons to stop and eliminate backward puddling ability, steelmaking capacity 8.73 million tons, finish full the end of the year to stop respectively those who eliminate a target 43% with 36% . Although this one plan far under booked target, but important is this one trend continueing and strengthen.

Will send on November 2 change appoint released " the announcement that about prohibiting strictly lagging behind productivity move flows " , demand local government produces equipment to lagging behind through move and covert raise high yield can the practice adopts stern measure to try to check, solved thereby backward the dense disease that produces the generation in can eliminating a process. Will send in November change appoint will sign the 2nd batch of iron and steel to fall into disuse with the government that makes an appointment with eighteen province backward produce can " military orders shape " , predict total dimensions is 10 million tons about. Additional, hair change appoint brewing a finance supporting policy with the Ministry of finance, with incentive place province city washs out backward iron and steel to produce can slow progress. Because this combines negotiable securities institute to think, fall into disuse backward produce can the process will be accelerated ceaselessly, make supply increment presents degressive trend continuously thereby.

According to statistic, will add 49 million tons of puddling newly to produce 2008 can produce with 51 million tons of crude steel can. Falling into disuse backward produce can respect, if achieved the established goal 2007 2008 (washed out 11 million tons of crude steel to produce 2007 can, washed out 24 million tons of) 2008, the crude steel that adds newly so actually is produced can have 27 million tons only.

The adding that next processional course of study will still maintain taller fast

Rolled steel consumption and fixed assets investment are added fast dependency is very remarkable. Forecast according to combining negotiable securities institute, the fixed assets investment 2008 is added fast will not under 25% , still have to rolled steel consumption very strong pull a movement to use.

In structure of rolled steel consumption, building, machinery is made, 8 industries have car, shipbuilding, railroad, oil and natural gas, home appliance, container absolutely proportion, 1998~2002 year statistical data shows, these 8 industries year the proportion that all spends rolled steel place to occupy is 81.92% . Because this did not come,the growth trend of these 8 industries will affect the growth that consumes to rolled steel directly. According to combining negotiable securities institute of relevant industry researcher forecast, future these 8 industries will still high speed grows, it is to draw the main engine that uses rolled steel to consume growth.
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