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Custom duty adjusts pair of steel look forward to the influence is finite

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Custom duty adjusts pair of steel look forward to the influence is finite
Steely 114 releases time: 2007-12-30
The detailed rules that the State Council adjusts to exporting custom duty 2008 comes on stage eventually. Involve steely trade, basically be billet exported custom duty to rise 25% , custom duty of export of product of wire great ability rose 15% , and to the exit of plank custom duty changes not quite. Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, this custom duty is adjusted relatively gentle to steely industry. Although the likelihood has circumfluence of product of one part rolled steel,arrive home market, but the influence with large generation of won't steely to home price. And the anticipation that exit of next year rolled steel reduces 20 million tons also won't happen to change considerably.

Not big to influence of domestic steelworks outstanding achievement

Zhou Tao of analyst of industry of iron and steel of golden negotiable securities represents the state, this custom duty is adjusted compare on the whole gentle, not big to steely industry influence, should say to accord with everybody's anticipation.

Zhou Tao analysis thinks, this custom duty adjusts to steely industry character, basically involve billet and product of wire great ability. Among them, billet export custom duty rose 10% , achieve 25% . This meeting influence speaks a volume to our country billet. But a data should notice, the exit that is our country billet then is measured already special small, mean monthly control in 200 thousand tons. Even if is not exported completely, also won't produce an effect to home market.

Nevertheless, a lot of people are afraid still, line good product exported custom duty to rise 2008 5% , achieve 15% . Good product of this section line if circumfluence arrives home market, can cause line club to product value fluctuates and drive plank price chain reaction.

Zhou Tao thinks, this kind of possibility is not large also. Statistical data shows, month of volume of export of good product of our country line all is controlled 500 thousand tons, and month of output of domestic line good product all is controlled 15 million tons. The rolled steel circumfluence that even if has 3% arrives home market, won't cause market price case to fluctuate considerably. And, line good product has been commercialized, very sensitive to price reaction. If give present price case to fluctuate, manufacturing chamber of commerce produces support value along with time limit. The enterprise can pass the adjustment of crop, restore the value to reasonable locally.

Additional, the reporter understands, because fall into disuse,lag behind produce what ability spends to increase, daily output annulus will compare our country rolled steel November show downtrend. Heibei drops achieve fifty-eight thousand one hundred tons. This conduces to the stability that keeps steel price.
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