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Division of Linyi collect bank can decrease a platoon to promote economic develo

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Division of Linyi collect bank can decrease a platoon to promote economic development
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On January 6, when Zhang Shaojun of vice secretary of Shandong Linyi municipal Party committee, mayor attends delegacy of Linyi collect village to be discussed in group, point out, adamantine big thrust enters area of hope collect village economic structural adjustment, strive to develop Zhang Shaojun to say, collect bank division is mixed in whole city economy significant position is on in social progress. In recent years, collect bank division is on the foundation of the result that obtained in the past, accelerate development ceaselessly, each career strides economy and society new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, better to will come true henceforth rapidder progress laid solid foundation, made very large contribution for whole town progress.
Zhang Shaojun says, tell from particular significance, the development of collect bank division is facing rare opportunity already, be faced with again structural adjustment, energy-saving the enormous challenge that decreases the problem such as the platoon and development of current economic situation to bring. Collect bank division should set out from the apiration of people, base oneself upon at coming true good rapid development, mix according to current property policy energy-saving the demand that reduces a platoon, overcoming difficulty, new development space is sought in solving a problem.
Zhang Shaojun emphasizes, collect bank division appoint, district government and broad cadre masses should produce an advantage adequately, overcome inferior position, drive economy to come true to develop more quickly continuously, go in the front row of whole town from beginning to end, make new larger contribution for the development of whole town. Should do not waver in the least the ground has been caught energy-saving decrease a platoon, a task of top priority that economy of this since Luo Zhuang grows, also be to drive economy to optimize the powerful motive force that upgrade. 2 should advance economic structural adjustment energetically, optimize through adjusting implementation, promotion and development, this is Luo Zhuang economic progress, especially the decisive measure that industry develops. 3 want exert oneself to optimize development environment. Collect village economy achieves better rapidder progress, the diligent effort that should rely on broad cadre masses will come true, government of local Party committee wants leave no stone unturned to create favorable environment for economic progress. (be over) (Xiao Yu of reporter Liming strong Han)

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