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2008 Chinese economy 10 forecast attention economy domain greatly 10 sensitive d

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2008 Chinese economy 10 forecast attention economy domain greatly 10 sensitive dot on January 2, 2008 08:06:51 origin: Newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities [the name is big in Xiao]   [leave a message]   [print]   [shut] 2008 China economy 10 forecast greatly:
New Year beginning, newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities and national information center forecast ministry couplet to sleeve roll out " 2008 China economy 10 forecast greatly " series report, wait for 10 respects from obtain employment of prices of investment, foreign trade, consumption, energy-saving environmental protection, finance, finance, industry, area, heavy goods, labor, undertake the analysis with whole system is forecasted.

The report thinks, this year the element such as condition of delivery of the system policy environment of our country home, factor of production, be helpful for economy maintaining flat steady rapidder growth, consider domestic and international factor integratedly, annual GDP is added fast will from on year 11.5% fall after a rise arrive 10.8% , national economy will by quicken growth to turn to grow for stability. Annual dweller consumption rises in price extent reachs fall after a rise 4.5% the left and right sides, drop than last year about 0.2 percent. And real growth is social consumable turnover 12.5% the left and right sides, basic with go up year of effective increase rate keep balance, still be slant normally flourishing. About the room city 2008, stock market, the report says, estate market supply demand relations changes occurrence turn sex this year, house price rises too quickly impetus hopeful is preliminary get keep within limits. And the stock market, the report thinks, policy of macroscopical 2008 adjusting control on the whole constrictive strength will be increased, the situation with monetary excess liquidity changes somewhat, capital is driven model asset rises in price motivation is abate. Field of A stock market repeats the one act that share price rose generally considerably 2007 impossibly. ·Exit amplitude drops apparently under import favorable balance of trade ·Investment grows stimulus to be more than investment to control an element ·Before spending increases CPI steadily tall hind low small fall after a rise ·Hopeful of unit specific power consumption achieves year goal first ·Real play optimizes finance policy the structure is dovish function
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