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The macroscopical economic situation that 8 years steely industry faces

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The macroscopical economic situation that 8 years of steely industries face
Origin:     updates website of Chinese rolled steel time: 〖 of 2008-1-4 character is big in small 〗 Since 2007, in the country a series of is aimed at investment hasten heat, economy by " too fast " to " slant hot " below the action of the policy of macroscopical adjusting control of moving tendency, bearing of situation of domestic steely trade and rolled steel market appear go out to fluctuate repeatedly the feature that run. Second half of the year comes, rise ceaselessly in value of market of steely former fuel, below the big setting that produces cost to drive a gender to rise, the stability that together with iron and steel exports pair of home market completely and pull use an ingredient, price of domestic steel products is able to rise steadily. End in December 2007 portion the last ten-day of a month, occupy iron and steel to always be produced can approach the market of building steel products of 45% average price achieves 4550 yuan / ton, the price of breed of insecurity of partial market supply and demand is close to 5000 yuan even / ton historical perch level, other board is in charge of product value to also rise somewhat, but from rise extent looks, far build material to rise not as good as extent, investment of this specification fixed assets and estate development invest the rigid demand to erecting rolled steel to will still be in growth passageway inside certain period. One, impact of policy of macroscopical adjusting control is reached by 2007 market of iron and steel of the beginning of the year was forecasted 2008
"From close " monetary policy controls downstream trade demand. In annual central economy working conference is moved to was decided 2008 " from close " after monetary policy, the Central Bank already with last year in December end go up again tone deposit reserve rate and add breath, and strength begins to increase, be inside year reserve is led and adjust deposit the 10th times the 6th times put shift interest. In addition, the message weighs the Central Bank a few days ago already domestic bank credit put in 2008 establish a principle, namely next year home adds loan newly to grow to be in control 12% less than, under 2007 book control target 15% . These make clear, "From close " monetary policy has begun extraordinary is shown first. In macroscopical economy environment constrictive circumstance falls, the extent with the abate demand of the downstream and main trade that use steel such as building, mechanical 2008, car, container, shipbuilding probably will greatly beyond the expect of people. And suffer this effect, domestic iron and steel industry is probable also in constrictive macroscopical economy environment " step forward for difficult " , 2007 domestic steel city " prosperous " , it is very difficult to pull the situation that go up to be afraid considerably emersion.
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