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Price of steely trade cost double go up to change gain hard to anticipate

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Price of steely trade cost pair go up to change gain hard to anticipate
Origin:     updates website of Chinese rolled steel time: 〖 of 2008-1-4 character is big in small 〗 According to Shanghai deep information of two bourse website shows, first appear on the market company year report will be announced at the same time at two bourse on January 15, 2008 2007, this is meant, experienced what fall greatly big cases 2007 the market, as annals exposure will be shown stage by stage piece appear on the market of company outstanding achievement " the truth of sth. " . Appear on the market from many 200 when already announced at present the annals of the company is premonitory look, 2007 is to appear on the market as before high speed of company outstanding achievement develops, a year when high speed accumulates, especially steely, landed, bank, electric power have numerous actual strength what position of abundant, industry precedes is large appear on the market the industry of the company, on the outstanding achievement foundation 2007, also be its the development foreground 2008 showed good anticipation.
Before cut solstice, share of steel of Jinan iron and steel, fierce, too steel does not become rusty, 8 steely companies such as steel of share of Bao Gang rare earth, Shao Gangsong hill, Na Gang, n spy, 81 iron and steel released 2007 year outstanding achievement premonitory, among them, jinan iron and steel adds share of 50 % , fierce steel to add 50 % beforehand beforehand, too steel does not become rusty to be added beforehand 50% - 100% , Bao Gang rare earth adds 200 % , Shao Gangsong hill to grow 50% beforehand - 100, Na Gang stock rises 100% . Can foreknow, another 2007 will be steely course of study " bumper harvest year " .
Demand drives industry growth strong
Change in heavy industry in reaching town to change a course, the demand that the rapid growth of national economy decided future is steely won't be abate. Predict to did not come 3 years, the demand of our country crude steel increases 40 million tons every year at least, year compound increase rate will achieve 9.52 % . Fixed assets investment will maintain high speed growth, nearly a few months come while exit drops, market stocks is maintained all the time in low the fact also confirmed inside need sufficient, main reason depends on, steely and downstream consumption of home keeps exuberant, the building, shipbuilding, mechanical, home appliance, car adding that basically issues processional course of study to maintain 20% above fast.
Fixed assets investment is added fast add with GDP fast maintain in higher level it is steely industry the drive element of steady growth. Galactic negotiable securities is forecasted, consumption of crude steel apparent will achieve 433 million tons 2007, relatively go up year of growth 4230 tons, amplitude 10.83% . 2008 GDP grows 11 % and the hypothesis that export a quantity to drop not to exceed 15 % to fall, consumption of crude steel apparent will achieve 4.72 tons, grow 9 % compared to the same period. 2008 - 2010 the apparent consumption of crude steel year compound increase rate will maintain in 9 % above. In the meantime, consumption of rolled steel of our country average per capita also will grow smoothly. Predict 2010, consumption of rolled steel of our country average per capita will achieve 425 kilograms / year, but still put in certain difference with the rolled steel consumption level of period of developed country peak.
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