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Price of steel of second half of the year will be entered drop situation

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Price of steel of second half of the year will be entered drop after factory price is being moved on each big steel look forward to such as phasic fierce steel, because steel price suffers first half of the year with all possible means element influence, the price has risen to high point, second half of the year is broken through very hard, can give now to drop even. Forms for reporting statistics shows, was in first half of the year 2008 iron ore and coal Jiao Jun grow with exceeding the rate of 50% , mostly amplitude modulation of accumulative total of steelworks producer price exceeds 2000 yuan / ton, some exceeded 2500 yuan even / ton, achieve calendar year most. But second half of the year won't break through high point. All sorts of situations make clear, second half of the year will be entered fatigued and weak period, the market is strong it is afterwards hard.

The reason that URC gives out is, suffer macroscopical economy to add fast put strength of shrink of area of delay, financing, steely demand to slant weak influence and rolled steel exit face policy risk, market level continues to climb the dynamical inadequacy that rise, pressure of steel price callback is greater...

So we feel rolled steel price can be entered adjust period. Value of market of steel products of home of second half of the year goes influence is much adjust with weak force give priority to, be in seasonal situation of level sex wave motion presents below the influence of the element. Among them, in early days complete digestive of unfinished of high cost factor will be driven July below, the get onning that hopeful of market price case maintains low speed raise; Later period will come in July in August end, the consumption in the tradition is off-season and below the joint resultant force that exit policy expects, market price predicts to walk out of the callback of level sex; Enter 9 - October, consume force get warm again after a cold spell, market state of mind gets consolidating in the callback, the value is potential go up once more raise, but when nearing year end, the market is potential once more " fatigued and weak " " second half of the year cannot renew the steel price myth first half of the year, the market will be entered in wave motion drop passageway. " fierce steel share is relevant chief also calm bear, second half of the year, wu Gang's factory price won't be performed first half of the year " mad " . $$$

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