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Second borrow the crisis to be raided once more, metallic price is fluctuant and

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Second borrow the crisis to be raided once more, metallic price is fluctuant and acuteness
2008-07-21 12:15:04 China metal trades net

From second since borrowing the crisis to erupt, investor of your whole world astonishs the limits that its affect and influence degree, with respect to eye
In light of the circumstance before, second borrow the crisis and did not go, and have perform the posture that jumps over intense more. This week United States is the biggest
finance company of two housing mortgage (Fang Limei and room ground beauty) the crisis is exposured, company stock price is in short
A few short trade day drops extent exceeds 50% , the market shows exceeding panicky mentality. As the United States the biggest
Orgnaization of finance of loan of two housing mortgage, the low-pressure loan dimensions that Fang Limei hold perhaps assures is 3 trillion beauty about
Round, and the loan dimensions of room ground beauty is 220 million beautiful circle, the 7 trillion beauty that actually place of American bank system extends
The much in round real-estate loan by impute to these two companies. The exposure of two companies crisis, direct
With respect to the fluidity that can affect bank system and whole money market, cause serious blow to American economy, and
And American finance minister also thinks American economy will is faced with a lot of " challenge " . We from erupt centrally last time
second borrow the expect with OK and simple crisis the influence that this second crisis brings to commodity market, so the author is used one
Decided length will narrate second borrow the crisis, among them cause depends on this. Second lend the crisis influence to American economy,
Small blown away by wind of economy will affect the consumption of metallic market directly, produce adverse effect to whole metal market. In
Crude price did not appear considerably before rapid fall after a rise, personage of a lot of markets once guessed, what is OK
Make this " mad ox " stop gallopped footstep, be in instantly that borrows crisis happening, we found the solution,
It is indecisive, the United States with dim foreground and even global economy. Suffer jointly in crude oil and other commodity cast
Below the premise of carry out, fall after a rise of all fronts of price of metal of market of metal of Zhou Wulun honest, period copper will sign up for with 8095 beautiful circles in March
Close, price fall after a rise 55 beauty are round.
From the point of the main area of the market, the demand situation of American economy and Chinese home is to affect metallic price to go
The main reason of situation, american economy is in " two rooms " will be faced with again below the influence that the crisis erupts take an examination of austerely
Check, home will achieve the nonferrous metal crop of the record to will limit an import in June, external dish cause adverse effect. From the technology
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