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Gear trade trade deficit soares 5 times

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Gear trade trade deficit soares 5 times Net of Electromechanical market conditions 2008-8-5 14:33:42 2008 year on June 17, the RMB is right valence head is broken among the dollar 6.9, newspaper 6.8919. Collect from 2005 since changing, RMB add dollar appreciates extent also exceeds 20 % first, amount to 20.09% . Of the RMB appreciate quickly and the aggravation of external environment, to our country enterprise exit brought enormous pressure.

Be in what just go 2007, the RMB appreciates extent accumulative total achieved 6.9 % ; Nevertheless, the foreign trade of mechanical industry appears and did not get too big impact. Statistical data shows, last year 1 ~ December, fact of machinist job accumulative total exports one hundred and ninety-two billion nine hundred and fifteen million dollar now, grow 40.9% compared to the same period; Accumulative total implementation imports one hundred and sixty-eight billion seven hundred and seventy-four million dollar, grow 20.84% compared to the same period; Favorable balance of trade is twenty-four billion one hundred and forty-one million dollar. Among them the exit amplitude of majority industry all is in 30 % above.

However, gear industry is an exception however. According to the data that society of Chinese gear major publishs, gear product exported 1.194 billion dollar 2007, drop compared to the same period 54 % ; Import 5.062 billion dollar, grow 50.2 % compared to the same period; Unfavorable balance of trade reachs 3.868 billion dollar, it is 5 times 2006 about. Although in recent years gear product foreign trade assumes position of adverse balance of trade all the time, but such soaring however beyond the expect of most person; Be in especially mechanical foundation product imports and exports achieves favourable balance first 2007, the data of gear more appear dazzling.

Why drop what can gear product go to be exported now 2007 considerably and why drop what can gear product go to be exported now 2007 considerably and import grow considerably?

The personage inside course of study thinks, of the RMB appreciating quickly is main reason. The current situation of industry of our country gear is medium low end the product produces can superfluous, competition intense, and high-end product relies on person of entrance, be enslaved to be enslaved to for the most part. The gear product that imported 2007 is high-end product entirely almost, among them automatic transmission amounts to 2.65 billion dollar, occupy the 52.4 % that import amount. Upgrade ceaselessly and last what wait for an industry as machine of our country car, project development, wait for the rise suddenly of the domain plus wind report, nucleus report, the market is bigger and bigger to the demand of high-end gear product. The RMB appreciates depress entrance price, promoted the rapid growth of the entrance consequently. And on the other hand, those technical content are low, " with valence get victory " low end because product criterion does not have enough profit space and bear hard the RMB appreciates brought pressure. Once the RMB appreciates rate is too rapid, the enterprise is digested hard, the atrophy of exit also is become inevitable.
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