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Chinese metal is started recombine a plan

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Chinese metal limited company (Ferro China Limited, singapore bourse code: 35844, china calls the metal below) tall canal layer already began to recombine with partial go back to work. Group tall canal and main staff member already returned the mainland in succession, the newest circumstance that recombines to employee, client and supplier announce company, alleviate each square intense sentiment. On October 17, the executive chairman of Chinese metal holds presiding apparitor She Chuntai concurrently to release announcement to say in Singapore stock exchange, the company already established group of two management responsibility to come to what be in charge of and coordinate a group recombine the job.
Among them, the mainland is special the group is in charge of Yu Rong Hua and composition of Zhang Shui Wang high by executive trustee Liu Chi Tsung and Chang Ying Chung and company, the company creditor of responsible and commensurate land undertakes negotiating, request what local government is a company to recombine the job to give support. Abroad and special panel holds presiding apparitor She Chuntai and leader of executive president Nelson Fong concurrently by company chairman, the creditor outside be in charge of be the same as the sea of the company and potential investor undertake negotiation. Two groups will be reported to the board of directors, and with the company recombine adviser to work in coordination.
Announcement discloses, 5 enterprises with Chinese subordinate metal, have may partial go back to work. Chinese metal is the same as the creditor of this enterprise and Changshu place government to undertake negotiation at this point. Announcement did not disclose this be about to the name of the enterprise of go back to work. Announcement says, if can realize go back to work, the company will get certain cash reserve in a bank flows, owe with support is produced further and repaying.
As we have learned, creditor of a few companies already employ general Hua Yongdao, as right outstanding the administration that accuses an asset take-overs person, the abroad group of Chinese metal is with Pu Huayong outstanding accuse those who reach its banner to leave a company recombine undertake cooperative. Outstanding accuse a wholy-owned subsidiary that is Chinese metal, there are science and technology of material of Changshu division great and board of Changshu Chang Gang below the banner two companies.
On October 9, chinese metal is announced external, this company may have 5.2 billion yuan of debt to cannot repay. This before today before dawn, the stage book of the company such as Chang Gang of building materials of island of material of great of the division below this company and banner, star, astral sea building materials, Xingyu building materials, Changshu is in charge of abrupt collective high to return Taiwan. Later, the creditor's rights bank of metal of much home China and creditor's rights enterprise hurry to Changshu, be sued to the court and close down Chinese metal capital fund, a got-up affair expands subsequently.
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