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Price of Zhejiang rolled steel falls greatly 7 achieve into above breed inside y

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Xinhua net Hangzhou special telegram will begin from the National Day on October 17, price of Zhejiang province rolled steel lasts in 3 quarters relatively substantially on foundation of fall after a rise, again all fronts issues defeat considerably, offset from last year the rolled steel since second half of the year rises in price basically already extent, level of price of building materials, plank and comparative by last year July, price of tubal material, profile and comparative by last year. Zhejiang saves the price to monitor the data that the center monitored a few days ago to show, on October 15, in including 54 monitored rolled steel variety, 40 variety price is achieved inside year new low, occupy 74 % . Among them price of whorl steel, wire, billet appears steep fall, half moon drops exceed two to become, ton valence is impendent 3600 - 3700 yuan.
According to Zhejiang province price the center that monitor is opposite the special price that market of two big steels has city of goods and materials monitors market of rolled steel of gold of short for Zhejiang Province and peaceful Bohuadong show, on October 15, material of building materials, plank, canal, profile is saved completely all valence is every tons respectively 3628. 75 yuan, 8539 yuan, 6179 yuan, 4814. 53 yuan, relatively will part on October 8 fall after a rise 18. 12 % , 8. 95 % , 7. 76 % , 7. 53 % ; Relatively end will part every tons in September fall after a rise 1071. 25 yuan, 1506. 4 yuan, 705 yuan, 556. 14 yuan, drop for 22. 79 % , 15 % , 10. 24 % , 10. 36 % ; Relatively the corresponding period went up last year drop it is respectively - 8. 85 % , - 18. 8 % , 5. 80 % , 14 % .
Price of near future rolled steel considerably the main reason of fall after a rise, zhejiang saves the price to monitor a center to think is to export a large number of reducing above all, domestic supply increases, market supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding. Current especially be issued to lower levels of Euramerican country economy, bring about Chinese rolled steel to export direct suffocate suffocate, resources of more rolled steel goes not to go, stay in home, drive rolled steel price to drop greatly.
It is downstream industry next apparently abate to rolled steel demand. Suffer the effect of international big environment, intensity of rolled steel consumption is apparently abate. When the depression of anteroom ground industry, fixed assets investment is added fast the demand that puts delay to already affected whorl steel, wire directly.
The 3rd, iron and steel produces can excess inventory to increase, manufacturing company depreciates sales promotion. Supply increases, demand is fatigued and weak, produce can superfluous, make inventory increases, market sale competition is more intense, price war unavoidable.
Zhejiang saves the price to monitor a center to think, steely industry is cast off hard inside brief period low confuse a situation, price of rolled steel of predicting later period will continue somewhat fall after a rise.
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