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Steel price falls repeatedly 4 months send steelworks to sustain losses in busin

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Inside a week in firm past (will come 17 days on October 10) , price of domestic steel products falls the situation of defeat to be not decreased considerably. To grim with each passing day market situation, steely enterprise adopts measure to be restricted to produce support value in succession. In a quite long time paragraph inside, domestic steel price aggregate index appeared to drop first compared to the same period.

According to " my iron and steel " monitor, inside a week of firm past, the particular market performance of breed of each main rolled steel is: Price of building steel products drops considerably again, ton price falls achieve 650 yuan of above; In thick board the price is reduced considerably, ton valence reduces extent on average to also be in 700 yuan of above, drop among them a city in 800 yuan of above achieve 8, shijiazhuang market a week drops achieve record-breaking every tons 1000 yuan; Cold heat board roll the price drops extent slow down, hot-rolling product ton price falls achieve 400 yuan, cold rolling product is on individual market ton price falls achieve 1000 yuan; Large and medium-sized material price also is entered drop considerably cavalcade, ton price falls on average control in 400 yuan.

According to the analysis, price of building steel products shows now to drop on the whole occasion, among them tall line product is in of and other places of Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Changsha drop range is bigger, ton price drops on average 850 yuan. The whole nation inside a week shares 51 whorl steel to produce enterprise and 35 wire to produced an enterprise to adjust producer price downward; Among them the wide steel of Guangdong area, Shao Gang is one-time the producer price that reduces whorl steel, tall line amounts to 850 yuan every tons, sha Gang is one-time reduce a construction rolled steel price amounts to 600 yuan every tons. Market stock is entered drop passageway, trafficker increases reserve of purpose no longer. Because do not have favorable good news to come on stage, market panic still is in continuously. Current, international iron ore is marine cost drops greatly continuously, drop again inside a week 40% the left and right sides; Domestic steelworks begins reduction in production, extent of average reduction in production is in 25% the left and right sides, building strength of rolled steel reduction of output is prep above more average level. Reckon price of building steel products still will continue to drop from this.

(origin: Chinese negotiable securities signs up for - in card net)

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