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Russia is major steelworks plans reduction in production 10% ~ 15%

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Russia is major steelworks, be like: Ma Geni holds Ge Ersi in the palm to restrain steely company (Russian horse steel, MMK) with company of steel of Xie Wei Er (Severstal) , announced to plan to cut its output 10%~15% left and right sides recently.

Face global banking crisis, the normal business relation of a lot of steely manufacturers and buyer is in Russia gradually unhook, the iron and steel that causes steelworks production thereby is supplied article caboodle pressing is superfluous. And a lot of steely terminal users, decide an element in view of a series of inaccuracy of global market, also had stopped what demand of its iron and steel tastes to purchase, such a market is corresponding to steely demand already slid to bottom, and inventory gross criterion conversely progressively keep long in stock increases.

A few steely manufacturers predict, from the contract that its begin to come from Europe and United States by September order for goods will drop quickly.

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