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Volume of export of our country coal is successive two months drop apparently

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October of Beijing of China News Service data of newest custom statistic shows 9 days of report, from this year coal of the China since June speaks a volume successive two months drop apparently, dimensions of predicting annual exit is controlled basically last year level.

Statistic makes clear, country of before this year 8 the middle of a month exports coal to grow 0.3% compared to the same period. Among them, exit coal will reduce ten thousand one hundred and forty tons than July August, reduce twenty thousand three hundred and sixty tons than June.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, below the case that does not leave high in house of international crude price, demand of international coal market is exuberant, and country of main coal exit takes limitative step in succession, price of international market coal is climbed continuously litre, chinese coal exports apiration to increase significantly; In the meantime, contradiction of supply and demand of Chinese home coal is nervous, because a few power plants are short of coal and must stop machine.

To enhance the control strength that coal utters, ensure Chinese home demand, avoid coal price to rise to be conducted to the price of downstream industry catenary with negative effect, the country already decided to begin from August 20, provisional to coking coal exit tax rate by 5% rise to 10% .

Good to be used better domestic and international the coal natural resources of two markets, customs total office suggests, should be encouraged and guide an enterprise to increase coal to import strength, make sure coal carries unobstructed; Control what year coal exports quota effectively to extend plan; Resource of integrated coal report, explore new system of linkage of coal cable industry.

(origin: Chinese news network)

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