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Industry of iron and steel of collective reduction of output " cold current " wi

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"If market condition cannot get improvement, so this reduction of output with respect to reduction of output, this stop production with respect to stop production. " a steel on October 12 " 3 achieve " experience communication is met on, head Zhu Jimin of steel group president is helpless ground brandish wave. This word spoke the current situation of domestic steely industry.

Domestic steel price already was in 10 weeks continuously drop posture. The a week after National Day, price of domestic steel products appears steep fall, drop on average in 12% the left and right sides, become 8 years to come market of domestic steel products drops a week with the biggest range. In fact, from this year since July, association of Chinese iron and steel industry receives the reduction of output that comes from each district steelworks, stop production to report ceaselessly, this theres is no lack of among them Wu Gang, Tang Gang such large company.

Steel price falls urgently

Xie Jiang ever was Tang Shan a relatively prosperous rolling mill factory director, because unbalance of market supply and demand encounters successive reduction of output inside 3 months, rolling mill has closed now. Thanking strong factory is one of numerous Heibei steelworks only.

2001, xie Jiang and a few friends raise fund 20 million yuan of partnership opened a rolling mill. "The market demand in those days is very big. " Xie Jiang says, called in in those days cost, begin profit the 2nd year.

The year after year that waits for raw material price as iron ore, coke rises, the profit space of steelworks is compressed considerably. "But still can prop up constrainedly. " Xie Jiang says, because cost is rising, and rolled steel price also is rising ceaselessly. Recollect according to him, begin from last year this year first half of the year, the price of strip steel rises gradually, ever reached every tons of 5980 yuan culmination.

"Whether can the prices after original plan looks an Olympic Games take a favourable turn, turn the machine again rise, but mere the price of strip steel of two many months already fall after a rise goes to 3600 yuan / or so tons, and downstream nobody dare be received dish, production is deficit, be inferior to awaiting an opportunity. " Xie Jiang expresses.

Although had been entered at present traditional " Jin Jiuyin 10 " rolled steel consumes busy season, but the demand situation of rolled steel market did not change, clinch a deal delicate, all fronts of breed of mainstream rolled steel drops.

In market price case continuously low confuse below situation, steely enterprise reduces rolled steel producer price in succession. On September 19, billet of Bao Gang general, general is cold board below, galvanizing board wait for breed to reduce 800 yuan or so every tons. Subsequently 25 steelworks such as steel of An Gang, Han, horse steel, Lai steel all reduced the producer price of corresponding product.

End on October 10, 4 months come to price of countrywide rolled steel already dropped 30 % left and right sides. In vice-chairman of guild of Heibei province metallurgy Song Jijun looks, this kind of situation will continue to the end of next year.
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