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International coal price will be exported in September under domestic coal price

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As aggravate of international banking crisis, of international coal price and sea freight glide considerably, international already was approached to harbor coal price even under domestic coal price, pattern of domestic coal imports and exports also is faced with change bureau.

Among them, coal company exports enthusiasm to dropping. According to understanding of our newspaper reporter, in the exit forehead September is coal group 1.068 million tons, quota of the first batch of export returns remnant to make an appointment with 3 million tons.

One in-house personnel points out coal energy resources in: "The country increases export custom duty and international coal price to drop the exit enthusiasm that affected manufacturing company, and the 2nd batch of quota did not allot also is an element that influence coal exit drops. And the 2nd batch of quota did not allot also is an element that influence coal exit drops..

Price of coal of near future international falls considerably, country increases an entrance to anticipate with coal company increasing, "Force domestic coal price is down low pressure to be being increased. " Chen Liang of analyst of industry of coal of restful negotiable securities points out.

Exit drops considerably

The foreign trade data that Chinese customs total office releases shows, this year September, our country coal exports a quantity to be 2.08 million tons, than last year 4.48 million tons exit measures the corresponding period to drop considerably 53.6% , and annulus comparing also drops 38% , export volume is achieved this year since March new low.

From this year volume of export of our country coal will achieve record of the export inside year June 6.99 million tons hind, coal export volume is successive already fall after a rise of the 3rd month, 7, 8, month by month of 3 9 months is degressive. According to statistical data, whole nation of before 3 quarters exports coal in all 35.72 million tons, than going up year of the corresponding period drop 6.1% .

Huang Teng of coal trade expert points out: "The reason that coal exit will appear to drop considerably September still basically did not export licence, international coal price fall won't be affected so fast, because imports and exports closes to shift to an earlier date with general metropolis,a month is signed, so international coal price is returned to the influence of exit will lag period of time. So international coal price is returned to the influence of exit will lag period of time..

This year in March, hair change appoint allotted quota of 31.8 million tons of coal, country's biggest two coal exporter is divine China, medium coal takes 13.1 million tons respectively, hill coal, 5 mine obtain 3.2 million tons severally, 2.4 million tons of quota.

Huang Teng tells a reporter, to the end of September, divine China, medium the export quota remnant of coal makes an appointment with 4 million tons, and hill coal, 5 mine already gave out basically all quota. According to our newspaper reporter from which the export data computation that coal group understands, in quota of remnant of 4 million tons of place, coal has 3 million tons about in, and divine China makes an appointment with 1 million tons.
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