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250 billion dollar is noted endowment whether affect steely market

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After European each country rolls out the plan that help city, the United States announces 700 billion dollar 14 days to relieve the first condition of city, namely: American government is adopted in order to note endowment change the form is noted directly to American bank system endowment 250 billion dollar, its lieutenant general above all to infuse of 9 when include Magendatong inside big banks 125 billion dollar.

American president Bush expresses, the action that American government takes is to coordinate the what government of European each country adopts is likewise all-time and bold move that help city, in order to prevent the decline of global economy. Current, the financial seismic sea wave that the United States borrows the crisis to cause by the room has touched domain of bank credit card. Derive those who taste domain and even global banking system to think over to be being gotten in exert a subtle influence on with the innovation to finance undertake.

But stock market of Zhou Erquan ball behaves each different. Day trades to rise considerably before afterwards of European stock market the Later Zhou Dynasty 2 continue raise, the delegate develops the China of the United States of the market and rising market, the stock market shows small to drop situation, show hope of the town after be opposite is scant. Among them, share of industry of Dow Jones of American stock market is average closing quotation of price index Zhou Er drops 76.62 a little bit, to 9310.99 bits, drop 0.82% , answer the one fraction that told Zhou Yi to go up. 500 indexes of standard general Er closing quotation drops 5.35 a little bit, to 998 bits, drop 0.53% . Na Sida overcomes aggregate index to drop 65.24 a little bit, to 1779.01 bits, drop 3.54% . Dow Jones of European stock market Situoke 600 indexes closing quotation goes up yesterday 3% , closing quotation of the 100 indexes when England is rich goes up 3.2% , to 4, 394.21 bits; French CAC-40 index rises 2.8% , to 3, 628.52 bits; Index of German Frankfurt DAX 30 rises 2.7% , to 5, 199.19 bits. Late stock market of Chinese inland Shanghai jumps to open 3% above high for nothing considerably yesterday. But, early dish gain profit Pan Chong shows, weight go weak to drive point to fall after a rise, afternoon finance kill drop, be a burden on point to fast diving. Up to closing quotation, card put together points to on receive a reply 2017.32 a little bit, drop 56.25 a little bit or 2.71% , shenzhen is become point to receive a reply 6473.12 a little bit, drop 98.47 a little bit or 1.50% .

According to the market monitoring October 14, whole of rolled steel market still is in weak force to run state. Among them, market of domestic furnace burden diffuses pessimism, trend of be issued to lower levels of each breed market is clear. Respect of rolled steel market, except the building rolled steel price appears local outside taking sure sign; Heat up a price to fluctuate continuously; Value of medium plate market appears to drop considerably; Strip steel price as before declining tendency moves; Price of besmear plating plank continues to drop quickly; Value of profile, market tubal material also drops along with general trends. Each size steelworks reduces the action of product value to still continue. Market of global rolled steel, charging price glides, rolled steel price drops, steel needs lack of power condition to do not have a change.
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