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Cast iron market is faced with deepness be defeated to browbeat

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The near future, cast iron market has not broken through Cheng Jun, the steel-making iron order of domestic each steelworks will be it is reported almost October " 0 " , the bleak picture that the market clinchs a deal makes the person shudders, factory of major cast iron enters the range of stop production, the exceeding atrophy of market demand, become the bottleneck that integral market moves. The dilemma that at present cast iron enterprise faces depends on, below the case that shows market of level rolled steel to glide ceaselessly, the block of cast iron market that high cost produces is broken, sluggish of resource of many cast iron is pressed in cast iron factory unmanned make inquires. From the section before up to now, price of domestic cast iron falls less in 500-600 yuan, can amount to 1000 yuan more, market price case is adjusted anyhow also did not clinch a deal actually from beginning to end, of steelworks purchase the price also is empty sky only to register list price case, "Stop collect " to become dominant. Cast iron sale does not go out, capital have enough to meet need is painful, continue to produce a risk great. This is the current situation of cast iron enterprise.
Be worth what people notices is, show level home hot-rolling to coil all price has fallen to 3800 yuan, lowest price is already slippery reach 3650 yuan, market of general carbon billet all valence also is controlled in 3700 yuan. And the market of domestic steel-making iron all valence still is in 3500 yuan or so, the price that casts the price of iron to compare partial breed rolled steel even is even high. This kind shows what in seeming market of in former years to move, never had appeared, cast iron price receives the price that is bordering on finished product rolled steel so, the pressure of cast iron enterprise cans be imagined, integral market faces collapse dish minatory.
Cast iron market also is immersed in the " of " a bottomless pit of cave in like rolled steel market, and the dilemma that place of cast iron market faces is more hard. How to turn round current disconcerted besides become thorny issue, the following suggests to offer reference only.
It is conservative await. Because give birth to the much of the keep long in stock in ironworks,be resource of cast iron of early days high cost, if low sells,be this steelworks deficit disastrous, steel-making iron rises to be controlled to 4700 yuan when top market value, already declined now 3500 yuan, drop already amounted to 1200 yuan, and still did not clinch a deal apparently. For this ironworks can adopt support value to need the strategy that go up, reduce early days loss.
2 be shipment and into raw material photograph complementary undertake. As rolled steel market glide, the raw material price such as iron ore, coke as much the situation with the as sudden as lightning runs quickly madly in passageway of be issued to lower levels, coke price dropped from apogee 800-900 yuan, iron ore price declined from high point nearly 1000 yuan. Especially iron ore value is already adjacent and bit more inferior, use the product advantage position that shows production of level raw material for this relatively apparent. After inferior value sells cast iron of early days high price, collection is certain capital, the cast iron that produces with current low cost offsets early days loss.
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