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Problem of trade of iron and steel of stop production of large area of small ste

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Much at 7 o'clock 16 days night, henan installs in relief railway station. Piece waiting for D134 toward money second train, he should go Shijiazhuang sees a client. "This client is particularly important to me, " Zhang Chao money says to the reporter, "This pair of my companies can subsist is crucial. "This pair of my companies can subsist is crucial..
Zhang Chao money is Henan aid source a boss of is engaged in treatment of iron ore exploitation technically civilian battalion company around. Second half of the year begins this year, iron ore price rises ceaselessly, but global economic depression causes domestic steely price to drop madly all the way, this is not small to blow of Zhang Chao money. Add with him joint-stock friend is removed endowment, return money in succession, the money that he makes these a few years is about the same compensate went in.
"It is the client comes previously oneself are pulled, we send now come to also do not want, the client is not stop production it is reduction of output. I must find out a road to the company now, hundreds of people are waiting to have a meal. I go Shijiazhuang has a client to introduce an iron ore in Baoding to want to sell to me namely, I want to take the chance low is bought, this is an opportunity. This is an opportunity..
The experience that follows piece of government money is same, in of small steel mill live close paragraph time encountered unprecedented predicament. From this year second half of the year begins, accept spurt in prices of national raw material and domestic demand fatigued and weak wait for element influence, rolled steel price begins to drop, large steelworks in succession reduction of output, shandong iron and steel, Heibei iron and steel, head the large and steely enterprise such as steel, An Gang made integral reduction in production the decision of 20% .
As we have learned, be in Heibei, those who exceed 1/3 is medium or small steelworks has been in stop production condition. Henan saves the number of statistic of association of iron and steel industry to also make clear, what Henan saves is medium small steely company has about the same in part stop production closes. Those who grow trigonometry and Guangdong Fujian and other places is medium or small steelworks also is concerned stop.
Of the whole nation in small steely company arrived it seems that a life-and-death hour.
In small steel mill once brilliant
The He Jianping that once held the position of factory manager of beyond the mark plant in An Gang says to the reporter, from on 80 time begin the century, each have not little small-sized steelworks to begin to manage all round old steel mill, some became medium-sized rolled steel to process a business through developing a few years.
"Remember going up century 90 time when, install the county all round this world, it is the small factory that gets rolled steel treatment, occasion is very grand. "Backer has mountain, stand by An Gang to move golden brick " , the catchword that this is at that time. I also go Tang Shan and Han Dan had looked around, what the small company over there compares Henan is much still. What the small company over there compares Henan is much still..
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