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China Metal Resources Music Technology acquisition of Beijing Cai won 65% stake

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Nov. 9 news, China Metal Resources (0.201,0.00,1.00%, the economy through real-time quotes) to 7.75 million yuan acquisition of color to win fun of Beijing Science and Technology 65% stake, and with the seller 65% stake and 35% , its registered capital This increased to 1,428.57 million yuan. China Metal Resources (08071) announced that entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire Beijing Choi won the Lok Technology (target company) 65% equity interest in a consideration of 7.75 million yuan, the company and the seller also agreed to the first 65% stake And 35%, the target company's registered capital from 500 million yuan to 1,428.57 million yuan. The principal activities of the target company for the lottery sales system is to provide technology development, logistics and distribution management services, has more than Welfare Centre (including Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Shaanxi and Xianyang City) entered into a cooperation agreement Proposed, or related areas at the local airport to provide instant lottery sales agents and distribution services, and the right to charge a certain percentage of lottery sales revenue as a service fee. Target company committed to developing into center of the airport ticket sales The national distribution management agent. China Metal Resources refer to the acquisition of the project will generate revenue for the company, will be in August 2010 with its purchase of lottery sales services bring synergies. China Metal Resources proposes to change the name to China Netcom Technology Holdings Limited and China Netcom Holdings Limited win the lottery.
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