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The river precious metals: dropped again after the retained guidelines offensi

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Re-interpretation of the gold market yesterday, the roller coaster market, highlighting the top of the continuous pressure after finished lower, but the gold still remains in the high upside opportunities reserved for the afternoon, tonight, given the direction of non-agricultural market for guidance. Europe stocks rise led to the diversion of funds, resulting in lack of funds is the gold market finished lower yesterday, the main reason for the price of gold. Best e-commerce platform Confidential Secret! Market may find that reversal of the recent Institutions of capital flows has changed dramatically! Main funding is plotting a new layout! ECB interest rates was announced Thursday to keep interest rates unchanged, the European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said after the central bank will continue to provide special long-term liquidity support. European Central Bank's new decision, the euro zone for the troubled debt markets a little relief, European stock markets took the opportunity to rise. ECB should extend the operation of quantitative easing to some extent, alleviate the plight of the euro area debt market. However, with the second wave of the debt crisis broke out, the euro zone, the ECB dilemma, if the loan is not unlimited, Ireland and other euro-zone edge of the national financial institutions may still face the risk of closing. Euro against the dollar today, tonight, the United States in November depends on the payrolls report the results. The Labor Department yesterday announced the beginning of your unemployment benefits last week increased by 2.6 million to 43.6 million, for four weeks the average number of initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell slightly, to the lowest since August 2008 level. This indicator is usually regarded as a leading indicator for non-farm payrolls data for payrolls data tonight brought a good forecast. Meanwhile, the U.S. real estate brokers association (NAR) last night announced that October sales of second-hand housing index contracted by 10.4% sequential growth. September to sign off second-hand housing index, decreased 1.8%. NAR economists believe that the data shows that the U.S. real estate industry has entered a recovery phase. Good performance in many data support, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 106.63 points to close at 11,362.41 points, or 0.95%. Global stock markets dragged down the gold market higher, while crude oil prices rise is to support the main cause of high gold Shouwen. But today the trend of gold depends on the night of the performance of U.S. non-farm data, in November the United States large amounts of data have shown that the U.S. economy is in a steady recovery phase, which makes most of the non-agricultural economists generally gave a good evening's expectations, the United States the stock market and the dollar will have a good performance, the gold market, which will have a negative impact, therefore, expected from the current point of view, the performance tonight, is not particularly optimistic about the gold market. Of course, the specific results of the trend after the release of such data will still be understood. Since the days of two consecutive trading days Shouwen through gold at 296 yuan / g above, the formation of support that position, just from the technical considerations, the price of gold will continue to challenge the position of an integer mark on the basis of 300 yuan / g as well as record high . Silver yesterday still trapped in the 6,200 yuan / kg in the vicinity of the pressure, only to break the shackles of the location of the gold price upward to open the space, investors can consider a firm gold price pressure at the top of the follow-up after homeopathic operation, control disk ability of investors to continue to consider the case of consecutive unsuccessful attempts upside high "short" short, still strict stop loss. In addition, the major trend of today's gold market interference by the news of investors may also consider non-farm payrolls release, the market trend and then select the entry and stable operation.
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