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China to precious metals: gold strength of the dollar had become the visible s

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Review Quotes: December 10, spot gold opened 1387.20, 1392.10 maximum, minimum 1372.10, closing 1385.60. Gold fluctuated throughout the day Friday, the lowest 1372.10, closing at 1385.60. Information mail: U.S. Department of Commerce (Commerce Department) published data showed the U.S. trade account deficit in October fell more than 13% of the monthly rate to 38.71 billion U.S. dollars, the expected deficit of 43.8 billion. 3. University of Michigan data showed the U.S. in December University of Michigan consumer confidence index initial value of 74.2, the highest since June 2010 the highest level, Present Situation Index was 85.7 for January 2008 since the highest level. EU Information: International Monetary Fund (IMF) spokesman said on Friday, IMF Board will postpone plans to vote on Irish Aid, Ireland cast a shadow over prospects for relief. European debt lingering concerns, a significant support safe-haven buying gold. 2. Gold callback to attract a large number of bargain hunting, physical demand remains strong, which bottomed out in mid-or gold signal. Vietnam Investment and Development Bank (BIDV) will set up a national gold exchange in order to guide the country's gold. Analysis: Friday; U.S. reported data well, the European Union to postpone the voting assistance programs of Ireland, causing the dollar index rose slightly, oppression, spot gold fell slightly. Concern: the United States refers to the slowly rising into the channel, driven down the price of gold. Technical K line is displayed as Yin Xian last week, showing that the kinetic energy was short this week, the initial small Yang Xian, showing a slight rebound, but the pattern is still a downward trend, the price of gold under the action can still, long care intervention, this week, Kim price down by inertia, MA show 5, 10-day moving average bonding, gold to choose a direction, choose the probability of a larger downward; Bollinger Bands show gold callback situation. Daily show downward trend of the formation of gold. MA Showing: 10, breaking the moving average line, hitting a 20-day moving average continues to get support, select the direction of narrowing the price of gold in the shock period; Bollinger Bands: Bollinger Bands show the price of gold hit the track, by supporting the price of gold slightly warmer, but test a low state formation, MACD shows a declining trend of aid.
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