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Macroscopical adjusting control walks along economy to crucial crossing economy

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Macroscopical adjusting control walks along economy to crucial crossing economy to add fast drop in temperature somewhat release time: 2008-7-21 9:08:03 origin: The net edits day trade iron and steel: Chinese metal trades the net is the closest period of time, the foreign trade that hurries off to many economy to develop as central leader province undertakes thorough enterprise inspects survey, from suffer a money to tighten the real estate with epitome the biggest ring, appreciate to the RMB pressure envelops the export industry below, about second half of the year policy of macroscopical adjusting control can undertake relaxation cry rises gradually appropriately, many expert scholars also express different point of view to this in succession.

Since this year, domestic economy grew a trend to produce a few delicate changes it seems that, early days is changed gradually to the anticipation of economic overheat to be opposite economic hasten is anxious coldly, this backside is accompanying cost of exit decelerate, company to rise, difficulty of loan of medium and small businesses, exit enterprise is faced gradually live a series of problems such as predicament.

Announce last week as data of macroscopical first half of the year economy, what course to follow of macroscopical adjusting control, arrived apparently a crucial crossroad.

Economy is added fast drop in temperature somewhat

From the point of whole, be in domestic and international in complex phase, suffer a variety of element effects such as economic cycle, since this year of Chinese economy add fast already appeared of certain level drop in temperature.

Data shows, chinese economy grew speed to achieve 11.9 % last year, CPI of the corresponding period also achieved 4.8 % , what caused economic overheat thereby is anxious, come on stage from this from tight monetary policy. But begin from this year, economy is added fast progressively fall after a rise, GDP growth is 10.6 % first quarter, than going up fall after a rise of year of the corresponding period 1.1 percent; Although CPI reached historic high point first quarter 8 % , but since 2 quarters also progressively fall after a rise, economy runs overall hold office at court macroscopical adjusting control anticipates way develops.

A few days ago, national hair changes appoint relevant controller expresses, of centrally decisive and decision-making fall with right leader, conquer of our country economy the adverse effect that heavy nature calamity and uncertainty element bring, maintained smooth rapidder growth first half of the year. Although add fast somewhat fall after a rise, but the direction of macroscopical adjusting control that accords with the beginning of the year to decide, still belong to smooth faster interval.

From what the Central Bank announced recently finance will run data to look June, two big trends are worth to pay close attention to. Be M2 add compared to the same period fast once more prep above M1, appear piece " horn mouth " invert. 2 it is loan is added first half of the year fast fall to 14.12 % , achieve the lowermost value since 27 months. The data of the Central Bank shows, in June end, m2 remaining sum is 44.31 trillion yuan, grow 17.37 % compared to the same period, the year end on amplitude comparing is 0.63 high percent; M1 remaining sum is 15.48 trillion yuan, grow 14.19 % compared to the same period, the year end on amplitude comparing is low 6.86 percent. M1, M2 will be in afterwards May appear first since 17 months " horn mouth " after inverting, june, add fast difference bothly to expand to 3.18 % further. Meanwhile, RMB loan increases two thousand four hundred and fifty-two billion five hundred million yuan first half of the year, add 89.9 billion yuan less compared to the same period. Up to in June end, financial orgnaization RMB borrows money each remaining sum 28.62 trillion yuan, grow 14.12 % compared to the same period.
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