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Steely product exports drawback or cancel by October partly

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Steely product exports drawback or cancel by October partly on September 27, 2008 9:53:20 origin: Guangzhou daily [the name is big in small]   [leave a message]   [print]   [shut] Oriental not bright west is bright, price of domestic steel products falls to the end of cereal, price of international market rolled steel goes however sign is good. Reporter yesterday learns from Guangzhou custom, guangdong steel look forward to exports enthusiasm to upsurge at present, volume of export of Guangdong rolled steel will continue August this year tall, the price is to achieve more piece new tall. Accumulative total of 1~8 month Guangdong exports rolled steel this year 1.601 million tons, than last year the corresponding period drops 17.5 % , value 1.7 billion dollar, grow 2.2 % . The reporter still learns from concerned channel, because anticipate near future country will cancel product of partial iron and steel to export drawback, steely enterprise increases exit strength in succession. Custom personage predicts, steely future exit still will maintain exuberant momentum. Export price will be achieved August piece new tall According to custom statistic, guangdong iron and steel will export 294 thousand tons August, grow 20.4% compared to the same period, it is afterwards after July exit is measured this year the 2nd tall. In the meantime, rolled steel is exported all price goes high continuously, rolled steel will be exported August all valence amounts to 1137 dollars / ton, grow 47.1% considerably, achieve the history new tall. Notable is, guangdong rolled steel is right east alliance and European Union exit times add. The reporter arrives from personage of major of market of Guangdong rolled steel and Guangzhou custom understanding, steely market appeared at present international, home " double day " pattern, index of price of domestic steel products glides ceaselessly, the integrated price index by August relatively on the month dropped 9.1% , but price of steel of international of CRU of the corresponding period aggregate index glided only 2.3% , international market rolled steel goes sign is apparently good at home, "Domestic and international price is poor still bigger, the exit of the enterprise is not decreased enthusiasticly " , custom personage tells a reporter.   Trade friction or grow in quantity Guangzhou custom personage says frankly to the reporter, a more crucial factor is, numerous and steely enterprise is opposite the near future the anticipation that cancels product of partial iron and steel to export drawback is relatively intense, increased the exit strength of relevant product in succession, cause rolled steel to export a quantity to rush continuously tall. Personage of information of market of Guangdong rolled steel also tells a reporter, a lot of orgnaizations, enterprise thinks to publish the time that cancels drawback policy to may want from what predict September remit to by October. Custom respect is afraid, while delay of hasten of demand of domestic steel products, rolled steel exports heat to rise, the commerce of experience chafes also grow in quantity. Besides the United States before paragraph the standard steel tube that time exports to our country is collected outside opposing allowance tax, the rolled steel that near future European Union, Russia, Wukelan, Mexico exports in the light of our country early or late submits to to turn over a dumping, turn over allowance to investigate. (Zhong Yan of reporter of reporter Xu sea star bright, Lu Ning)
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