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Active and reliable push reform of mechanism of price of the sources of energy

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Active and reliable push reform of mechanism of price of the sources of energy

On December 27, 2007 08:58 origin: " Chinese negotiable securities signs up for "
[the name is big in Xiao] print leave a message forum net picks a mobile phone to comment on error correctionNews of the State Council does to be published yesterday " energy situation of China and policy " white paper points out, the basic content of strategy of Chinese the sources of energy is: Hold to managing and preferential, base oneself upon home, multivariate development, supportScience and technology, protective environment, strengthen international mutual benefit to cooperate, the sources of energy that builds stable, economy, clean, safety hard supplies a system, develop with can lasting of the sources of energy what develop supportive economy society.

Deepening system of the sources of energy to reform a respect, white paper puts forward, want to perfect lash-up system, work up oil and natural gas supply lash-up to guarantee a system; Accelerate market system construction, drive the sources of energy actively to commercialize reform; Deepen administrative system reform, build and perfect system of investment adjusting control, build resource of perfect mineral products paid use and mining industry authority trades system, rectify and resource of normative mineral productsDevelopmentMarket order; Active and reliable push reform of mechanism of price of the sources of energy, concern of distinct interest group, mature society is handled in appropriate each respect bears below the circumstance of ability, work up can mirror resource rare the value that lacks supply demand relations of degree, market and environmental cost forms a mechanism.

White paper expresses, prospective China increases effort energy supply capacity. Above all, develop coal in order, mix through enterprise annexRecombine, form a certain number of yield can the large company group of 100 million tons of class. Next, expand electric power actively, insist to give priority to a line with structural adjustment, optimize power source structure. The 3rd, accelerate development oil gas, the exploration that increases resource of oil natural gas develops strength, the key strengthens Bohai Sea bay, loose distant, Dalimu, E Er much this wait for main oiliness to enrage basin exploration to develop, department of new developed area of active exploration land, new field, new layer and perambulate of key maritime space, cogent increase recoverable reserves. The 4th, energetically
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