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The country believes breath center: Chinese economic policy moved toward an anal

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The country believes breath center: Chinese economic policy moved toward an analysis 2008 on January 17, 2008 09:39:05 [the name is big in small]   [leave a message]   [print]   [shut] 2007, economy of our country countryman continues to maintain high speed to rise situation, prices rises also show accelerate a trend, the issue with inherent economic unbalance, contradictory and outstanding structure has not alleviate at all, economy grows occurrence overheat symptom. 2008, beijing will hold the Olympic Games, country to greet reforming and opening 30 years, comfortable meet the government is changed etc, and faced world economy environment is uncertainty factor increase however. Below such setting, trend of macroscopical 2008 economic policy becomes the topic that everybody pays close attention to. Our analysis thinks, in fact, in the party seventeen mix greatly after conference of job of economy of the end of the year was held 2007, trend of macroscopical 2008 economic policy is clearer and clearer already, roughly OK and wraparound for, aim at developing of current economy society to highlight a problem, base oneself upon is promoted long-term can develop continuously, policy change and system innovation photograph are united in wedlock, measure of economy, law sings leading role. Innovate: the keyword that makes stimulative progress Since the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China, it is the secretary-general's the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao, carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, with when all is entered, the historical start with new base oneself upon, deepen understanding Communist Party to be in office rule of the rule, socialistic construction rule, human society progress, the level sex feature that holds progress of society of our country economy in the round, face unprecedented good luck and challenge, creativity ground put forward to develop view, compose scientificly to build socialistic harmony society to wait for a series of major strategy thoughts. This is progress of science of implementation our country, harmonious development, peace development, initiated new phase of career of Chinese characteristic socialism to provide strong academic guidance, showed manage state affairs to be explored the new concept of manage politics, newly, be idea innovation respect is specific reflect. Seventeen big hind, of this one concept carry out fulfil the innovation that will be other side to lay more solid foundation. Current, the economic society progress of our country reachs certain level already, the simple extension that developed way in the past already faced actual obligation, the pressing sex that innovates consequently, importance is self-evident. Such, what watch in scientific progress is how-to below, the system around innovation activity, policy happening a series of the thing in changing to also will become anticipation, and its process can be quickened ceaselessly, for instance the country concerned a branch to already increased material, policy to support strength to activity of innovation of science and technology. Can tell, development watchs as scientific progress the first want justice, its connotation is occurrent the change of exert a subtle influence on, innovation will become among them keyword.
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