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Bao Gang the first clement board in city of Baotou of finished product settle la

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Bao Gang the first clement board city of Baotou of finished product settle is medium large board limited company
Origin:     updates website of Chinese rolled steel time: 〖 of 2007-12-18 character is big in small 〗 Celebrate Bao Gang ardently the first clement board finished product settle my company
My company is Bao Gang is cold, hot-rolling coils board year 100 thousand tons of agreement door, will a few years wrap steel to offerring substantial natural resources to reach all sorts of favourable policy, the development of the company expands cannot leave packet of steel support and help.
Bao Gang increases clement plate scale of production now, new in was being introduced thick board product line, width 4100MM rolling mill, it is a delectable important matter. December 6 this day is the life that deserves us to commemorate; In plate company and Baotou coiling to open salvo of firecracker of company of flat armor plate, banner to hang the first when receive the production that include steel high in Baotou on December 6 midday thick board finished product settle my company, company leader and 4 leaders that the sale that include steel manages laminose division entered celebration activity along with all the others, the natural resources that this will mean a company is more rich and sufficient, for company implementation the management target 2008 lays a foundation.

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