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Cast iron is basic concept

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Cast iron is basic concept
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Basic idea:Cast ironPoint to the alloy that contains carbon to measure the iron in 2~4.3% commonly. Say again cast-iron. Divide in cast iron outside containing carbon, still contain silicon, manganese to reach a few sulfur, phosphor, it but casting cannot forge. Classify a basisCast ironWhat carbon puts in configuration in is different, can divide again forSteel-making cast iron, Cast cast ironAndNodular cast ironWait for a few kinds. The carbon in steel-making cast iron basically exists with the configuration of cementite, its section shows white, cry again normallyWhite iron. Cast iron performance is solid and this kind is fragile, use the raw material that makes steel-making commonly. The carbon in casting cast iron with piece the black lead configuration of shape exists, its fracture surface is gray, make grey iron again normally. Utility pledges as a result of black lead soft, have lubricant effect, consequentlyCast cast ironHave good cutting, wear-resisting and cast function. But its combat a strength insufficient, reason cannot forge make friends, can use at making all sorts of cast only, if cast all sorts of machine tool beds, iron pipe. The carbon in nodular cast iron exists with the configuration of globose black lead, grey iron of outclass of its machinery function and be close to Yu Gang, it is had cast admirably, cutting treatment and wear-resisting function, have certain flexibility, use extensively at making crankshaft, gear, piston wait advanced cast and a variety of mechanical spare partses. Still have in addition contain silicon, manganese, nickel or other element to measure particularly tall cast iron, cryAlloy cast iron, wait like ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, commonly used the raw material that makes steel-making. Join when steel-making certainAlloy cast iron, can improve the performance of steel.

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