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The wire on the market and 2 class steel are stabilized basically now, 3 class steel continues small climb. Since this week, price of steel of the whorl on the market, wire rises continuously, with compare last week, each breed goes up generally in 80-120 yuan / ton differ, this rise in price, what main factor comes from resource is in short supply, go up generally when the price after raise passes, clinch a deal the capacity appears again it seems that problem, clinch a deal to be released in time for the representing's demand have change, of prices rise to have some of suffocate suffocate naturally further.
And of 3 class steel rise in price to have a case additionally one time it seems that, anew trunk and newest in light of gotten statistical data, this on the weekend stocks of balance of 3 class steel relatively appear last week relatively decrease a storehouse substantially. Additional from statistic of a week of Xi Benxin artery data of reserve of 2 class steel comes 20 storehouse 16-25mm look, this week inventory gross increases somewhat, relatively in short supply before 25mm resource gets apparent complement.
From this inventory gross looks on the weekend, increase an amount very finite, but this is not represented negligible this one element, next week behoove of resource complement circumstance is taken seriously, there is the circumstance that change to fall in demand, area supply change should be to affect current price to take the critical factor of situation.

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