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Nonferrous metal is practical intellectual brief introduction

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Nonferrous metal is practical intellectual brief introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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§ 1. Nonferrous metal classification and product name represent a means

One, the classification of nonferrous metal

(1) coloured bullion belongs to cent to attach most importance to metal, light metal, precious metal, half metal and rare metal 5 kinds.

(2) coloured alloy divides by alloy system: Alloy of alloy of heavy nonferrous metal, light nonferrous metal, precious metal alloy, rare metal alloy; By alloy utility can divide: Be out of shape (forming uses alloy) , alloy of casting alloy, bearing, presswork pink of alloy, hard alloy, solder, master alloy, metal did not wait.

(3) coloured material classifies by chemical component: Lead and aluminium and copper and copper alloy material, aluminium alloy material, plumbic alloy material, nickel and nickel alloy material, titanium and titanium alloy material. When be being classified by appearance, can divide for: Board, , belt, foil, canal, club, line, model wait for breed.

2, produce those who taste a brand to represent way

(1) name a principle nonferrous metal and alloy product name name, the regulation regards thematic word as code name with letter of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet or international element symbol, state what its belong to kinds big, if use L or AL to express aluminium, t or Cu express copper. After thematic word, with component number order combinative product category expresses. Namely the state that the code name after thematic word can represent a product, feature or main component, if LF is,prevent (F) rubiginous aluminium (L) alloy; LD is forge (D) make used aluminium (L) alloy; LY is hard (Y) aluminous (L) alloy, the thematic word of these 3 kinds of alloy is aluminium alloy (L) . It is blueness like QSn again (Q) the main accretion in copper the element is stannum (Sn) a kind; QAL9-4 is blueness (Q) aluminium is contained in copper (AL) , elemental aluminium is added in composition for 9% , other add an element for 4% , the thematic word of these two kinds of alloy is bronze (Q) . Accordingly, product code name is by the standard (GB340-78) the method that symbol of letter of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, chemical element and arabic numerals photograph couple thematic statement of the regulation will express.

Nonferrous metal reachs code name of method of the condition of alloy product, treatment, feature, the letter of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet that adopts a provision expresses. The R that is like hot-working (hot) , quenched C (temper by dipping in water) , the B that does not wrap aluminium (not) , the X of fine grained (fine) wait. But also have a few outside, like O of high grade surface (visualize expresses apple-pie) etc.

2 copper of § reach copper alloy

One, pure copper

Pure copper is rosy lubricious metal, purple is shown after the surface forms oxidation copper film, reason industry pure copper often weighs red copper or cathode copper. Density is 8-9g/cm3, melting point 1083 ° C. Pure copper conductivity is very good, a large number of at making electrical wiring, cable, brush wait using; Thermal conductivity is good, commonly used the magnetics instrument that will make beard antimagnetic sex disturb, appearance, wait like appearance of compass, aviation; Plasticity is wonderful, easily hot pressing and cold forming, can make canal, club, line, , belt, board, the cupreous material such as foil. Pure copper product has smelt to taste reach treatment to taste two kinds.
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