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The basic idea of ore

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The basic idea of ore
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Basic ideaOreIt is mineral aggregate. Below condition of modern technology economy, can with industrial dimensions from mineral in treatment extraction metal or other product. Former it is the solid matter that shows from inside metallic bed exploitation comes out, the accumulation after already expanding to form now is mixed in the brimstone in Mu Yan, fluorite barite and so on is metalloid mineral. In ore useful composition (element or mineral) of weight and ore weight than calling ore grade, the precious metal ore such as gold, platinum uses gram / ton express, commonly used percentage expresses other ore. Commonly used ore grade will measure the value of ore, but stone of midrib of ore of same active ingredient (the content of useless and mineral or useful composition in ore is very small and what cannot use is mineral) of composition and harmful impurity more or less to also affect ore value. Classify general component to beLean ore stone, common ore and rich ore. Divide the ore that it is deficient and rich ore only sometimes, this kind of standard that differentiates to was not united, general every industry department and mining area have respective computational range. Contain valuable mineral property and the diagnostic component that use to be mixed for metallic ore by placeMetalloid oreTwo kinds big. The main breed of ore Sort of content of content iron ore is various, the iron ore content that already discovered at present and contain iron ore content to make an appointment with more than kinds 300, have more than kinds 170 commonly among them. But fall in current technology condition, those who have industry to use value basically is magnetite, hematite, magnetism hematite, ilmenite, limonite and siderite. Other: Ilmenite (structural formula of Ilmenite) its chemistry is FeTiO3, fe 36.8% , ti 36.6% , o 31.6% . Tripartite brilliant is. Rhombohedron brilliant kind. Often show irregular shape of graininess, scale or thick board shape. Form in ilmenite of 950 ℃ above and hematite complete kind be the same as an elephant character. When thermal drop is small, produce frit to leave namely, reason ilmenite middling contains hematite of petty scale shape to include system. Ilmenite color is color of iron oxide black or steel gray. Striation is steel gray or black. Contain hematite to include system Shi Chenghe color or the gules streak that take brown. Metal - half metal burnish. Opaque, without cleavage. Hardness 5 ~ 6.5, specific gravity 4 ~ 5. Weak magnetism. Ilmenite basically goes out to exceed now base sexual cliff, base in sexual cliff, alkalescent cliff, acidity cliff and degenerative cliff. In bed of magnet of titanium of our country kapok vanadium, ilmenite is shown graininess or piece shape distributings to wait for mineral grain at titanium magnetite between, or extent of split of edge titanium magnetite is become directional a brilliant. The siliceous salt mine of iron (Silicate Iron) this kind of ore is a kind of compound salt, without certain chemical type, the change of component is very big, present bottle green commonly, specific gravity is 3.8 the left and right sides, the component that contain iron is very low, it is a kind of poorer iron ore. Pyritic (Sulphide Iron) this kind of ore contains FeS2, contain Fe has 46.6 % only and the content of S achieves 53.4 % . Present grey yellow, specific gravity is 4.95 ~ about 5.1. Because this kind of ore often contains the metal with a lot of more precious other to be like copper (Copper) , nickel (Nickel) , zinc (Zinc) , gold (Gold) , silver-colored (Silver) wait, often be used to do him to plant so the raw material of metallic smelt industry; Contain many sulfur as a result of it again, often be used to so obtain through refining is sulfureous, iron became by-product instead, already cannot call in fact so
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